Shaun Tan’s Rules of Summer: a picture book for kids

Gillian Zavos Contributor

By Gillian Zavos in New Illustration on Friday 15 November 2013

Shaun Tan’s latest picture book, Rules of Summer, is as beautiful as it is thought provoking. Aptly titled, the work pinpoints the complex relationship of a sibling pair.

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Damien Hirst’s book of ABC for children

Lai Chow Reader Find

By Lai Chow in New Art on Wednesday 9 October 2013

Controversial 1995 Turner Prizer winner Damien Hirst has turned to appealing to a whole new demographic: kids. His latest project is an ABC picture book containing his works (D is for that diamond skull; while L is for his 1994 work of a lamb soaked in a tank of formaldehyde). Does sound like an alphabet […]

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Where the Wild Bums Are: a children’s book by Claudia Rowe

Gillian Zavos Contributor

By Gillian Zavos in New Products on Monday 30 September 2013

Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak must be one of the best known children’s books of all time. My mind’s eye readily conjures up images of my brother going wild when Mum read it, gnashing his teeth and teasing me with his terrible claws. I can only imagine what would have erupted if Mum had instead been reading, Where the Wild Bums Are by Claudia Rowe.

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New illustrations by Nate Williams

Junishi Tsuneoka Reader Find

By Junishi Tsuneoka in New Illustration on Saturday 31 August 2013

I was heavily influenced by Nate Williams. His style is so original, and children’s books are a great vehicle for his art. Williams, aka Alexander Blue, is an illustrator with a love for hand lettering, children’s illustration, and ‘Naïve art’. He is the creator of IllustrationMundo, letterPLAYGROUND, PROCONist, The creACTIVISTs, and he is currently writing and illustrating several funny picture books.

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For zombie kids: Children’s book on how to hunt brains

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in New Illustration on Wednesday 3 July 2013

Finally, a children’s book about zombies that you can read to the little ones. Written by writer-filmmaker Dan Jacobs and his artist-educator wife Amelia, A Brain is for Eating comes with 40 pages of illustrations by Scott Brundage and instructs kids on how to stalk humans and eat their brains. Now parents who have been […]

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This pop-up book comes with 3D glasses

Annie Churdar Contributor

By Annie Churdar in New Art on Friday 10 May 2013

What’s cooler than a pop-up storybook? A pop-up storybook that also comes with 3D glasses. Most storybooks bore me, so I took on the challenge of writing and designing one that could actually hold my attention. And this was the result. It’s a handmade book that you can really ‘get into’. Literally. The simple story of being lost […]

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Weird fashion trend: children’s books as a dress

Annie Churdar Contributor

By Annie Churdar in New Fashion on Thursday 25 April 2013

This recycled dress design takes the concept of a fairy tale princess storybook and makes it reality in a very unexpected way. These children’s storybooks were pieced together in order to form a dress worthy of Cinderella’s wedding day. Designed by Ryan Novelline, the clever gown consists entirely of iconic Golden Books.

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The Waste Land, for babies

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in New Illustration on Wednesday 17 April 2013

When T.S. Eliot penned ‘April is the cruellest month’ in his poem The Waste Land, he might or might not have been prophetic about London-based Marna Gilligan’s kiddy picture book adaptation of the masterpiece dubbed The Waste Land For Babies. Gilligan first created the book complete with simplified lines and watercolor illustrations as a first-Christmas […]

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Valerism illustrations: quirky takes on reality

Valerie Auersperg Reader Find

By Valerie Auersperg in New Illustration on Thursday 4 April 2013

My drawings are a reflection of my mind, inspired by the people, places and adventures I come across. I upload a new drawing to my website once a month. In addition to my personal portfolio, I also draw for children’s books, websites and most recently I did a mural, which I intend to do more of […]

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Slightly demented children’s stories by Yuko Shimizu

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in New Illustration on Saturday 16 March 2013

Yuko Shimizu, who you know we simply adore like crazy by now, has updated her Behance portfolio to include images she says have an ongoing theme of slight twisted children’s books. We could just stare at these all day.

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New illustrations by Japanese artist Mozneko

Nini Baseema Contributor

By Nini Baseema in New Illustration on Thursday 18 October 2012

Mozneko is an illustrator from Sapporo-shi, in Japan. All of his works are pretty cute and seem to be inspired by innocent drawings of children. If I had a fairytale book to illustrate, I’d want him to do the job.

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Bad children’s book! Bad!

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in New Trends on Tuesday 25 September 2012

Humour illustrator Bob Staake has a nice little satirical project going on with Bad Little Children’s Book, where classic 1940s-1960s children’s books take on rather inappropriate titles like Let’s Hurry! Or We’ll Miss The Public Lynching!, Mommy Needs To Go To Detox and Let’s Eat Like A Carny. It makes for a rather pleasant and entertaining spin.

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The Family Hour: written and illustrated by Tai Snaith

Jessie Tucker Reader Find

By Jessie Tucker in New Illustration on Wednesday 27 June 2012

Just released, The Family Hour is written and illustrated by prolific Melbourne artist, Tai Snaith. Using beautiful watercolour, pencil and gouache illustrations, Snaith has created modern mixed families of native Australian animals and sprinkled the pages with hidden clocks for the kids and design icons for the grown ups. The Gouldian Finch family have Marimekko-esque cushions in their nest and the Kangaroo mother shops for familiar labels in the supermarket.

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Creative children’s book illustrations by Jess Yeomans

Jonathan Schlackman Reader Find

By Jonathan Schlackman in New Illustration on Tuesday 6 March 2012

Jess Yeomans is an illustrator from Brooklyn who specializes in animals and children’s books. She has a way of drawing animals that capture their spirit and makes you wonder what they’re thinking.

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Erik P. Kraft draws a new haiku a day

Contributions Reader Find

By Melancholy Steve in New Illustration on Tuesday 1 November 2011

Children’s author and illustrator Erik P. Kraft has been doing a drawing a day and writing a haiku and posting them to his Tumblr all this year.

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