Justin Bieber is finally locked up. Finally! Ok … kinda

Rachel Oakley Contributor

By Rachel Oakley in New Photography on Wednesday 7 January 2015

For a minute, let’s all sit back, relax, and wonder what the world would be like if Justin Bieber was arrested and thrown in jail. Imagine the serenity. Imagine no more cheesy pop songs. It’d be a heavenly time for all of us. One Indonesian artist, Agan Harahap, used his Photoshopping skills to imagine just […]

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Celebs looking just like old Hollywood stars by George Chamoun

Rachel Oakley Contributor

By Rachel Oakley in New Photography on Monday 30 December 2013

George Chamoun’s Iconatomy photo series reveals what we’ve all thought for a while: all actors look the kinda same. This Lebanese artist is now based in Sweden and craftily merged stars from old Hollywood with today’s current celebrities to give us a very odd but very familiar set of faces, such as Natalie Portman merged […]

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Back To The Future mugshots

Contributions Reader Find

By Ben Lee in Cool Websites on Sunday 9 September 2012

Michael Jason Enriquez, the photoshop wiz behind Cholafied, takes actual mugshots of current celebs and combines them with vintage mugshots of whores, gangsters, fraudsters, and crooks from 1920’s Australia.

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