Aikawa Masaru’s hand-painted CDs

Lee Basford Reader Find

By Lee Basford in New Art on Friday 1 June 2012

Aikawa Masaru reproduces CDs by hand on canvas. Each item is hand-painted: front and back cover, disc, lyrics, stickers, everything. On each of the CDs, he also sings the entire albums by himself. As he explains: ‘I have passionately and respectfully duplicated the music a cappella’. I’ve heard it and let me tell you, it’s so bad, it’s good.

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Ken Taylor

Jo Spurling Reader Find

By Jo Spurling in New Illustration on Monday 17 November 2008

Australian illustrator Ken Taylor has created imagery for some of rock n’ ’roll’s great purveyors of sound, from the Rolling Stones and Queens of the Stone Age, to Nine Inch Nails and the Mars Volta. He has an easily recognizable style that screams sharp edge cool. Bold and bawdy, Taylor’s pieces use vivid colour to […]

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