Yukon Blonde: Loyal Man

Macarena Miranda Reader Find

By Macarena Miranda in New Music on Wednesday 7 December 2011

These dashing Canadian boys have suddenly flared up in more peoples’ mind of late thanks to their hilarious mention on How I Met Your Mother. After recording at the Hive in Vancouver, and releasing their stellar new single Water, Yukon Blonde has set their sights on the Australian festival season. They’ll spread their gorgeously rich […]

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Bodysongs: the new album from Canadian band Born Gold

USF Reader Find

By USF in New Music on Saturday 5 November 2011

The long-awaited full-length from this Canadian outfit (formerly Gobble Gobble) is a giddy, unrelenting pop masterpiece — everything that’s sinfully sweet about the FM dial cranked up to 13 and Cuisinarted by the warped and brilliant mind of songwriter Cecil Frena.

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