This guy took surrealist photos at Burning Man and gave us all a sneak peek into what REALLY goes on

Nicole Hughes Contributor

By Nicole Hughes in New Photography on Thursday 12 February 2015

What’s your story? I’m 25 years old. I live in LA where I work as a freelance video director/editor/visual FX artist and photographer. How’d you go shooting in the dust of Burning Man, both in terms of finding shots and protecting your gear? I taped up my camera+lens with minimal electrical tape and luckily that […]

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Highlights of Burning-Man festival in photos (and lots of them)

Milo Sumner Contributor

By Milo Sumner in New Photography on Wednesday 27 August 2014

Started in 1986, Burning-Man is perhaps the most famous festival of its kind in the world. Based around values of community and self-expression, the week-long event is hosted in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA. Championing radical artistic expression and self-reliance, Burning-Man has ever been a haven for like-minded people who strive to live by a certain set of values.

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Dust to Dust: Burning Man 2011 time lapse video

James Kirsch Reader Find

By James Kirsch in Video on Wednesday 9 November 2011

No one can really describe what it’s like to attend Burning Man, the annual gathering of artists in the Nevada desert. It’s much like trying to describe Las Vegas: until you go, its hard to fathom the sheer scale of things. This amazing timelapse chronicles the entire event from the building of the city until […]

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Curtis Killorn’s painted trees

Gerry Mak Reader Find

By Gerry Mak in New Art on Thursday 24 March 2011

There is an inner hippie in me that really really loves these painted trees that artist Curtis Killorn has been installing around Colorado. If you go to Burning Man this year, you can see some of Killorn’s trees.

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