Wry comic paintings by Brooklyn artist, Dave Ellis

Contributions Reader Find

By Kate Farrall in New Art on Saturday 16 May 2015

Brooklyn artist, Dave Ellis turns his comic-style sketches into large paintings that reveal many wry truths about his life. His sarcastic sensibilities shine through as he pokes fun at the way he lived when sex, drugs and rock-n-roll were his anthem.

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Paper No.9: wear paper as cutting-edge fashion pieces

Annie Churdar Contributor

By Annie Churdar in New Fashion on Thursday 27 June 2013

This is paper that you can actually wear as cutting-edge fashion pieces. Back in 2009, Paper No.9: Paper textile set about developing this unique material. There really is no other material like it. Used for everything from stationary to hand bags and clothing to wallets, the wide variety of colours and textures makes this leather-like material an extremely […]

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Burnside: a cool bar hangout in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Dead Stars Reader Find

By Dead Stars in Cool Travel on Friday 17 May 2013

The Burnside bar is a block from my apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It’s pretty much our regular hang out before practice. Everyone who works there is really awesome. They have amazing cocktails and a great selection of beers. One of the best things about the place, though, is the food. The Juicy Lucy burger is […]

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Guy’s head goes up in smoke in Burnout photo series

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in New Photography on Saturday 16 March 2013

Brooklyn-based Romain Laurent is a genius. His Tilt series had us craning our necks for more, and we found this ‘more’ in not one, but two of his other series, Burnout and Where Was I? In Burnout, a guy’s head goes up in smoke as he literally burns out; while in Where Was I?, you’ll […]

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The quiet beauty of America’s most polluted waterway

Annie Churdar Contributor

By Annie Churdar in New Photography on Tuesday 12 March 2013

Don’t look now, but I think that might be a dead rat floating in the water. The Gowanus Canal waterway in Brooklyn is more than just disgusting. It’s literally America’s most contaminated waterway. No joke. But even something that dirty can be beautiful through the eyes of a true artist. Photographer William Miller’s series Gowanus Canal drives that […]

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New music video for Gun-Shy by Grizzly Bear

Annie Churdar Contributor

By Annie Churdar in New Music on Tuesday 19 February 2013

Sometimes you have to sacrifice in the name of science. And Grizzly Bear takes that concept to a whole new level in this music video from their most recent album Shields. The Brooklyn band’s chill vocals and haunting melodies are contrasted against jarring scenes of self-mutilation. One second a man is collecting plant samples from […]

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The mind-melting fluoro coloured world of Brooklyn artist James Blagden

Zolton Editor

By Zolton in New Illustration on Thursday 7 February 2013

What’s not to like about the fun, fluoro-dripped world of New York illustrator James Blagden, whose work is so bright and trippy, I feel like I need to wear shades just to do them justice. This guy going to be big, big, BIG. If these illustrations don’t do it for you, check out his stunning […]

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Nick Van Woert’s sculptural work

Pepi Ginsberg of Companion Reader Find

By Pepi Ginsberg of Companion in New Art on Wednesday 23 January 2013

I found out about Nick Van Woert about two years ago and was immediately intrigued by his work. As happens, time, work, and other distractions interrupted my curiosity and I fell off of following Van Woert’s art and progress. Recently, his name popped in my head and I revisited his website and was amazed by what I saw. I can safely say this is some of the most thoughtful, beautiful and inspiring work I’ve seen in some time. He seems to have an abundance of ideas, so clever and so well executed, I could look his sculptures for days and still find something new to be excited about.

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Urban swag from the new Brooklyn Nets

Alvin Epps Reader Find

By Alvin Epps in New Fashion on Wednesday 12 December 2012

As the NBA season is now underway, I can’t help but be intrigued by the simple yet stylish attire of the now Brooklyn Nets. I like the urban and iconic appeal of its overall look and the extra “umpgh”credibility that Brooklyn brings as a city. Yes, I’m buying this hat.

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Brooklyn band Life in a Blender

Ben Jensen Reader Find

By Ben Jensen in New Music on Wednesday 5 December 2012

Singer Don Rauf and his longtime Brooklyn-based band, Life in a Blender have clever lyrics with rockin’ melodies. Catchy tunes with wit and winks.

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Windy Cindy: introducing People Get Ready

Cormack O'Connor Contributor

By Cormack O'Connor in New Music on Saturday 29 September 2012

New York has been pumping out some really interesting bands and artists of late: Vampire Weekend, Sleigh Bells and Azealia Banks, to name a few. So of course a new four piece from Brooklyn called People Get Ready has caught our attention. They are a combination of talents: founding member Steven Reker has toured as […]

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From the LAEM Store: Brooklyn Candle Company

Alison Shepard Contributor

By Alison Shepard in New Products on Wednesday 19 September 2012

A collaboration between a perfumer and two designers in Brooklyn NY, Brooklyn Candle Company creates obsessively perfected blends to evoke a mood, a location, and a getaway. Plus, the packaging on these long lasting soy candles is just sexy. Assorted varieties from Brooklyn Candle Company are now being featured in the Lost At E Minor store.

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GO: a community-curated open studio project

David Bronson Reader Find

By David Bronson in New Events on Tuesday 11 September 2012

From 11am – 7pm this past Saturday and Sunday (Sept 8-9), artists all across Brooklyn opened up their studios to the public in ‘a borough-wide initiative designed to foster personal exchange between Brooklyn-based artists, their communities, and the Brooklyn Museum’. Visitors nominated artists to be included in a group exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum. It […]

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Ruffeo Hearts Lil Snotty: ridiculously fun clothing

Emily Hiller Reader Find

By Emily Hiller in New Fashion on Wednesday 6 June 2012

Ruffeo Hearts Lil Snotty is a fearless clothing company from Brooklyn. Specializing in color-blocking and absolute obscurity, Ruffeo Hearts Lil Snotty makes some of the most fun clothing you’ve ever seen. I’ve been following them since they started out on Etsy making hoodies with ‘SARS guards’, and ever since, I’ve been in love.

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Street art by Brooklyn-based Cosbe

RAE Reader Find

By RAE in New Art on Saturday 28 April 2012

9 out of 10 people who know anything about anything agree that most ‘street art’ derives from either a stencil, screen-print, or large copy machine. Brooklyn artist Cosbe must not have gotten that memo or is working on a very limited budget.

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