Featured Image for Breakfast under a thermal camera looks EVEN MORE delicious
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Typical breakfast foods around the world

What does the world typically eat for breakfast? This short video shows us! Nothing is really surprising here – there’s nothing gross or weird. There’s the typical Aussie breakfast of … Read more

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Birra Spalmabile: spreadable beer

Guzzle that beer no more: Birra Spalmabile is all about spreading on the beer. Quite literally. Never thought you’d see the day, right? Birra Spalmabile is an actual beer-infused spread … Read more

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Eat Art for Breakfast: series by Ida Skivenes

Norwegian artist Ida Skivenes likes to eat art for breakfast. Personally, I usually favour honey or strawberry jam, but Skivenes prefers her toast with a spot of Surrealism or Impressionism, re-creating famous … Read more

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