Brazilian artist Carlos Dias

Ian McLaren Reader Find

By Ian McLaren in New Art on Friday 17 February 2012

As a gringo living in Brazil it’s magic to meet new people and/or admire their handiwork. Bizarrely, the four masked gunmen who pointed a Mac 10 at my head before methodically stealing all our belongings aren’t on that list. But Carlos Dias, a friend of the wife’s, most certainly is.

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Brazilian artist Raoni Marqs

Raoni Marqs Reader Find

By Raoni Marqs in New Art on Thursday 8 September 2011

Drawing since early childhood, most of my work comes from Japanese cartoons and super hero comics: people in colorful costumes, being either good or bad. My drawings are much more a way to tell a character’s story with a single image than to portray anything real.

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