Beautiful melting images from Bosnian artist Emir Sehanovic

Melissa Vogley Woods Reader Find

By Melissa Vogley Woods in New Art on Wednesday 20 February 2013

Layered detritus from Bosnian artist Emir Šehanovic, who confidently maneuvers the subjects of his works in and out of the realms of reality and decay. Fascinating and odd, these images melt old and new, life and death, rainbows and rot.

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Were there prehistoric pyramids in Bosnia?

David Leeflang Reader Find

By David Leeflang in Cool Travel on Wednesday 28 November 2012

Over the last six years or so, Dr. Semir Osmanagic and his intrepid team have been busy attempting the sell to the world the idea of prehistoric pyramids in Bosnia. They’ve found man-made slabs (umm, natural rock), tiles (err, broken rock) and tunnels (hmm, ancient aquifers?), claiming that the structure was possibly built up to 12,000 years ago. I’m all for the odd theory that can explain the anomalies of the ancient world, and no piece of architecture inspires a grander sense of awe than the world’s ancient pyramids. But the good doctor’s claims have been derided by many archaeologists. Then again, man did once believe that the Earth was flat.

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Milos Radoicic

Zolton Editor

By Zolton in New Photography on Saturday 13 September 2008

Milos Radoicic was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where he survived the gruesome war, and in 2003 left for Vancouver Canada, to study. He is now living in New York, studies finance, but also indulges his other passion — photography. ‘My focus has always been on street corners, telegraph poles, torn and shredded bits and pieces people fail to see as beautiful’, he says, ‘on things leftover and forgotten that to me seem to be telling a story’.

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