Book Mountain: Now this is what we call a library!

Cormack O'Connor Contributor

By Cormack O'Connor in New Design on Friday 26 October 2012

If you thought you’re local library was a pretty cool place, we bet you it’s not as cool as this. That is, of course, unless you live in Spijkenisse, The Netherlands, and this is your local library. The huge library dubbed Book Mountain is part of a project that covers an impressive 9,300 square meters. […]

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The Boy with Eyes the Size of Miami Football Stadium

Contributions Reader Find

By Robin Mann in New Products on Wednesday 26 September 2012

The Boy with Eyes the Size of Miami Football Stadium is a weird take on the children’s picture book. Andrew Gilmore is a British writer and artist. His art has been used by bands and featured in magazines such as Bizarre and Terrorizor.

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Too Many Nitrous by Billy Burket and Samuel Rhodes

Matt Kerley Reader Find

By Matt Kerley in New Design on Wednesday 26 September 2012

I picked up Too Many Nitrous at a local comic shop in WiIliamsburg, Brooklyn. This self-published zine comic by Billy Burkert and Samuel Rhodes clocks in right at thirty six pages. It’s as if someone rewrote the movie Too Fast Too Furious to make it not obnoxious. If you’re like me and enjoy racing, fighting […]

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Mad Deep Thoughts: a new book by Riley Payne

Cormack O'Connor Contributor

By Cormack O'Connor in New Products on Tuesday 25 September 2012

Mad Deep Thoughts by Riley Payne is the inaugural book from Perimeter Editions. It incorporates the weird yet wonderful with the formal and classic. Payne likes to think of them as collages; drawings and Google image searches. Using foliage, fruit and the human figure, the works range from smoking carrots, to neon signs, and include […]

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Imigrante: a book by Lydia Ortiz

Tosha Albor Reader Find

By Tosha Albor in New Art on Thursday 13 September 2012

For her graduate degree in illustration at the San Francisco Art Institute, Lydia Ortiz decided to draw from her experience as a Filipino immigrant in the US in a book she designed. “Fresh off the Boeing” is how she describes herself in this book titled Imigrante, filled with beautiful illustrations depicting her experience using the alphabet as a point of reference. 

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Pussy Riot release ebook via Feminist Press

Rebekah Rhoden Contributor

By Rebekah Rhoden in New Events on Wednesday 12 September 2012

It’s been just four weeks after feminist icons, the members of Pussy Riot, were arrested. Now, there’s an ebook being released containing letters from prison, closing courtroom statements by the defense attorneys, poems, the punk prayer, and new translations of  courtroom statements. The ebook, PUSSY RIOT! A Punk Prayer for Freedom, will feature tributes by […]

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Mischief booklet by Katrin Hagen

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in New Illustration on Friday 13 July 2012

By chance, we stumbled upon the Facebook page of Idrawalot, Karl Addison’s gallery and showroom, where we then stumbled upon some lovely snapshots of Mischief, the whimsical zine of drawings by Berlin-based illustrator Katrin Hagen’s (a.k.a. Mischief Champion) that Idrawalot now stocks. I especially like the one of two foxes looking disapprovingly at a fox wearing another fox as a shrug.

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One Minute Sculptures: a book by Erwin Wurms

Marie Flensborg Reader Find

By Marie Flensborg in New Art on Wednesday 11 July 2012

The next book I want to spend money on is Erwin Wurms’s One Minute Sculpture. It contains pictures of Erwin Wurm and other people who pose with everyday objects close at hand. He seeks to use the shortest ‘path’ in creating a sculpture: a clear, firm, and sometimes humorous form of expression.

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My Life Recording the Beatles: a book by Geoff Emerick

Francois Grumelin-Sohn Reader Find

By Francois Grumelin-Sohn in New Products on Friday 27 April 2012

Already six years old, this book is a must for any Beatles addict or music sound maker. Geoff Emerick opens the door onto the Beatles world through the most interesting angle possible: as an insider. He was responsible for the sound recording for several Beatles albums, including the Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, definitely my favourite. Learn everything about every track, and what it historically and technically represents.

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Issue 3 of Menagerie: an LP and full colour book

Contributions Reader Find

By Jake Blanchard in New Illustration on Tuesday 10 January 2012

Menagerie is an ongoing series of compilations with books of illustrations. Issue three is an LP and full colour book, in a limited edition of 500 copies. Side A of the vinyl sees illustrators react to music and side B sees musicians reacting to artwork. The illustrators are Jim Stoten, Jake Blanchard, Simon Fowler and Adrianne Neal. The musicians are Ben Nash, Twinsistermoon, Isengrind and C Joynes.

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Sneak peek at the 2012 Sketchbook Project World Tour

Contributions Reader Find

By Eli in New Art on Tuesday 8 November 2011

The Sketchbook Project collects thousands of artists’ sketchbooks from across the globe and exhibits them in cities all over the world. The crew just posted a sneak peek at some of the finished sketchbooks that have just arrived at Project HQ in Brooklyn.

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Maske by Phyllis Galembo

Contributions Reader Find

By What's up! in New Photography on Saturday 26 February 2011

These striking photographs of African masks and masquerades are by Phyllis Galembo, who has a book soon to be released.

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Surreal Babies postcards

Contributions Reader Find

By Eve Politanoff in New Illustration on Wednesday 5 January 2011

A series of weird and wonderful postcards showing babies as they’ve never been seen before. Yes, these are babies hatched from eggs!

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The Federation Annual

Andy Reader Find

By Andy in New Products on Tuesday 13 July 2010

The Aussie Design Federation is calling for submissions for their first, The Federation Annual.

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Thomas Barwick

Zolton Editor

By Zolton in New Products on Wednesday 13 February 2008

Thomas Barwick is an illustrator and designer working from Cornwall in the UK who has recently published a book called Ratio-A pan Dimensional Film Guide. As he says, I put it out as a promotional project a portfolio with a twist. I decided to recreate a 1970′s film review magazine, but to invent all the […]

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