BMW designs the new subway cars of Kuala Lumpur

Rachel Oakley Contributor

By Rachel Oakley in New Design on Tuesday 22 April 2014

BMW’s ‘the ultimate driving machine‘ slogan has been put to the test in new subway cars for Kuala Lumpur. Klang Valley, part of Kuala Lumpur’s capital, is building a three-line metro system that hopes to double its transit ridership within the next few years. The cars feature a blue LED lighting scheme, including under the […]

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BMW have commissioned famous artists to decorate their cars since 1975

Paul White Reader Find

By Paul White in New Art on Thursday 21 November 2013

Since 1975 BMW have commissioned artists to create art pieces on and about their cars, from sports racers to road cars. Artists such as Warhol, Lichenstein, Rauschenberg, Koons, even Australia’s Ken Done have done one. A great synthesis of art and machine.

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These fantastic car ads will make you drool

Kat Heap Reader Find

By Kat Heap in New Design on Tuesday 22 January 2013

This fantastic piece of advertising for BMW caught my eye when trawling through Behance/a> for inspiration. The combination of digital and traditional illustration has created something unique and beautiful, and despite the fact that I don’t even have a drivers licence, it makes me want to own a BMW.

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