Damon Albarn writes baroque-folk-opera about Dr John Dee

Shoeb Ahmad Reader Find

By Shoeb Ahmad in Video on Saturday 2 June 2012

Many of my friends don’t get why I like the band Blur so much, and Damon Albarn in particular. I think he’s got an interesting musical insight and while I’m not a massive Gorillaz fan, a lot of his projects outside of Blur are great, including this recent baroque-folk-opera written about the life of Dr […]

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Damon Albarn: The Reigning Queen

Pallers Reader Find

By Pallers in New Music on Friday 22 July 2011

Some voices just need some ageing and some melodies are better not fully structured. Here it sounds like Damon Albarn is very eager to express something: his words are just flowing. I love the sad and comfortably numb feeling the song creates. This also makes me think of the Blur song, Out Of Time.

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