Hunter S. Thompson’s comic book biography

Annie Churdar Contributor

By Annie Churdar in New Illustration on Wednesday 15 May 2013

This isn’t your second grader’s super hero comic book. No, this is an uncommon biography of legendary iconoclastic author. This is the comic book biography of Hunter S Thompson, father of Gonzo Journalism. This is the story of a man respected as a professional bum, thief,  liar,  addict, and tough-as-nails journalist. Designed and illustrated in bold black and […]

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Anthony Browne in conversation: a life in pictures

Contributions Reader Find

By Association of Illustrators in New Events on Sunday 20 March 2011

Anthony Browne is one of the world‘s most celebrated creators of picture books, with classics such as Voices in the Park, Willy, and Hugh and Gorilla to his name. He has won the Kate Greenaway Medal twice, and the Kurt Maschler ’Emil‘ Award three times, and in 2000, he became the first British illustrator to win the Hans Christian Andersen Award.

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Bronson, a biography of psycho Charles Bronson

Xavier Toby Reader Find

By Xavier Toby in New Film on Monday 5 April 2010

This is a biography of Britain’s most famous prisoner. Charles Bronson is a psycho who’s spent over thirty years in solitary confinement. Like a very entertaining accident, this film is without much explanation, much like Bronson himself, but does keep you captivated. Although you can barely watch at times, as it’s so brutal, you won’t look away.

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Annie Leibovitz: Life Through A Lens

Xavier Toby Reader Find

By Xavier Toby in New Film on Tuesday 26 August 2008

Most striking about this biography is just how many iconic images Annie Leibovitz has produced over the last 30 years. Her career started with Rolling Stone and has since involved musicians, models, actors and wars – combining to form a catalogue of some of the most important people and events in recent history. This film gives insights into the creative process, explaining how Leibovitz’s photography has evolved, making her a singularly special talent.

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