This cheeky bikini top lets you free your nipples without being arrested for indecency

Milo Sumner Contributor

By Milo Sumner in New Fashion on Friday 27 June 2014

From the start of our modern age, women have been gaining on men in terms of gender equality, leaps and bounds have been made in the last hundred years that have done great good in settling the disparity in rights between men and woman. The fight is not over however, and there are still aspects of life in which women find themselves hindered when men are free to do as they please.

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Favela Chic

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By Eleni Sardi in New Fashion on Thursday 10 February 2011

With contemporary design and a bohemian air, Olga Olsson’s bikinis are sexy and boast ethical credentials, too. Designer Ruth Ferguson’s stay in Brazil introduced her to the fairtrade project supporting cooperatives of women seamstresses in the favelas.

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