Typography by Craig Ward

Nigel Sutcliffe Reader Find

By Nigel Sutcliffe in New Design on Thursday 17 November 2011

Craig Ward has established himself as one of the most important typography designers on the scene today. Inspired by artists such as Vaughan Oliver and members of the Tomato collective, Ward strips words down and rebuilds them with a gritty and gutsy flare. He believes great design does not depend upon legibility, it’s about ripping […]

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Beautiful old school typography by Herb Lubalin

Chris Koehler Reader Find

By Chris Koehler in New Design on Wednesday 2 November 2011

Herb Lubalin’s typography looks clichéd and a bit played out if you are catching it right now, until you realize that most of the designers riffing on his letters were born after he died. Lubalin’s typography isn’t subtle. That isn’t to say it isn’t well balanced or poorly kerned (it is). It’s more that it […]

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