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By Ben Ashton-Bell in New Illustration on Monday 7 May 2012

My latest exhibition, If the world made sense, is currently showing at Lamington Drive. I’ve spent about six months working towards this from the initial concept of ideas: researching, referencing material, collaging compositions, experimenting with and refining techniques. All this before I begin sketching the finals, then spraying, drawing, painting, drawing, pulling my hair out, wanting to throw them in the bin and start again, spraying and more drawing. All this for a couple of weeks up in the gallery. But all said and done, I can’t wait to begin on the next one.

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New illustration work by Ben Ashton-Bell

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By Ben Ashton-Bell in New Illustration on Monday 30 April 2012

Through my work, I’ve explored themes of humanity and nature. The concept behind this latest series, If the World Made Sense, is propelled by the chaos of our world, touching on the sometimes senseless act of humans beings. The body of work examines a futuristic fictional world, exploring the remnants of war and the evolution of nature taking back its rightful place.

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Little Deities art exhibition in Melbourne

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By Simone in New Art, New Events on Friday 24 February 2012

Freelance illustrator Daniel Atkinson is curating a group exhibition titled Little Deities. The exhibition involves sixty Melbourne-based artists. Some of the artists involved include Stephen Ives, Andrea Innocent and Ben Ashton-Bell. Each artist in the show has been asked to transform a doll into a god. The exhibition launches on March 8 at the QV building, Melbourne.

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