Piece of Life: decorative paintings by Beijing artist Liang Yuanwei

Sara Sweet Reader Find

By Sara Sweet in New Art on Sunday 12 January 2014

The paintings from the exhibition Piece of Life at Boers-Li Gallery in Beijing depict an extremely beautiful time-consuming process. In the work Piece of Life No. 14, thick paint is applied to the canvas which is then etched into floral patterns. Artist Yuanwei then adds different coloured paint to the etched areas, which allows the pattern to be visible.

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Porcelain fashion by Li Xiaofeng

Nini Baseema Contributor

By Nini Baseema in New Art on Thursday 9 June 2011

Li Xiaofeng is an artist from Beijing who takes shards of traditional ceramics from the song, ming, yuan and qing dynasties, sews them together on a leather undergarment and thereby creates a new kind of fashion. In his honor, the expression ‘made in China’ should certainly be turned into ‘made of China’!

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