Paths of Hate: a short film by Polish animator Damian Nenow

J. Cooper Reader Find

By J. Cooper in Video on Thursday 27 September 2012

If George Lucas had met Polish filmmaker and animator Damian Nenow, he might have been inspired to produce the Red Tails feature in a truly groundbreaking way. Check this trailer out for Paths of Hate. The Making Of page is worth a lunchtime visit, too.

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The silhouetted art of Yury Ustsinau

Tobias Hall Reader Find

By Tobias Hall in New Art on Wednesday 23 November 2011

Frankfurt-based artist, illustrator and designer Yuri Ustsinau creates surreal silhouetted figures with multiple-limbs and a plastic sheen. I first came across his work on the Behance Network, and have been hooked ever since.

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