The Human Slingshot

The Flying Dutchman Reader Find

By The Flying Dutchman in Video on Thursday 8 November 2012

Having grown up jumping from any height into water deep enough to survive the drop, I’ve been drawn to the experience of corporeal ballistics ever since. This is the natural earthbound progression, albeit with added horsepower. It may not be freefalling from the edge of space, but it’ll do.

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Wingsuit Base Jumping

Robert Gray Reader Find

By Robert Gray in Video on Friday 5 August 2011

If you think Base Jumping or even Skydiving will get your adrenaline going, just watching these guys in their Wingsuits will make your heart stop. From this guy skimming along alpine mountains and through waterfalls, to this guy trying to get as close to the cliff as he possibly can, they are on another level […]

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