Look out, it’s a giant wave of naked Barbies in Perth

Rachel Oakley Contributor

By Rachel Oakley in New Art on Tuesday 1 April 2014

Who knew Barbie could look so nightmarish! Artist Annette Thas has created this giant Barbie wave installation for Sculpture by the Sea in Perth. The event takes place on Cotteslow Beach between 70 local, interstate and international artists. Thas says of her installation: ‘The Barbies are used to convey messages.

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Jewellery made from recycled barbie dolls

Anna Blaszczyk Reader Find

By Anna Blaszczyk in New Fashion on Tuesday 13 March 2012

It’s difficult to describe the confusion you feel when you realize that beautiful, humanoid–like artistic form of a necklace or earring is actually a well-known childhood’s friend’s smile. What a metaphor for life in general.

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MDVANII: incredible porcelain art dolls by BillyBoy

Christopher Stribley Reader Find

By Christopher Stribley in New Art on Tuesday 8 November 2011

What do you get when you cross a reclusive former Warhol superstar with a penchant for extravagant couture with something as iconic as a Barbie Doll? You get MDVANII. Make NO mistake about it, the Art Dolls that BillyBoy* creates are not to be referred to as Barbies. Barbie could only ever dream of taking on the many sultry forms that MDVANII has assumed over the years.

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