New Olympic-themed street art by Banksy

Rebekah Rhoden Contributor

By Rebekah Rhoden in New Art on Wednesday 25 July 2012

New work by the renowned street artist, Banksy, has recently appeared in London. His Olympic-themed work is called Hackney Welcomes the Olympics and Going for Mould, and both of these stencils are full of Bansky’s signature social commentary.

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Nick Stern makes 3D version of Bansky’s art

Barry McKenna from Twin Atlantic Reader Find

By Barry McKenna from Twin Atlantic in New Art on Wednesday 6 June 2012

Taking Banksy’s art one step further and making it come to life. Literally! Nick Stern takes an already clever and witty idea and adds an extra twist to it, bringing famous street art off the wall and into the third dimension.

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Is Gary Jones the next Banksy?

Kyle Renwick Reader Find

By Kyle Renwick in New Art on Monday 28 May 2012

Artist Gary Jones combines mainstream media events with references to art history. The end result is a genuine rival to Banksy. Well, at least, we think so.

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