Art on transgressive female sexuality by Rita Minissi

Gerry Mak Reader Find

By Gerry Mak in New Art on Saturday 20 August 2011

Baltimore-based artist Rita Minissi is an amazing designer, and puts forth an incredibly consistent and highly composed aesthetic with her photos and images that involves riding gear, horses, and dark, transgressive female sexuality. She plays with identity, obscuring her own with masks, wigs, and hidden faces.

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Baltimore artist Beth Hoeckel

Contributions Reader Find

By kinsey lane in New Art on Tuesday 19 July 2011

Beth Hoeckel, a Baltimore-based artist, has created some wildly experimental and wonderfully psychedelic works over her career. Her figures tend either directly challenge or ignore the viewer, referencing themes of identity and perception. Bright and bold, these are insistent images. Do they remind anyone else of Run, Lola, Run?

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