Liquid floors at The Edge, Bali

Annie Churdar Contributor

By Annie Churdar in Cool Travel on Monday 15 April 2013

What could be more relaxing than spa treatment in a beautiful room overhanging a cliff in Bali? Now, imagine if that spa had liquid floors. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as liquid floors! Welcome to the Edge spa. Everything about the design is meant to exude luxury and relaxation.

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ljcdesign: inspired by the colours of Bali

Shannon Thompson Reader Find

By Shannon Thompson in New Design on Wednesday 9 January 2013

What happens when an Aussie girl packs up her life and relocates to Bali? ljcdesign is what. Lucy finds local inspiration through fabrics, stones and marine life. This newly assorted range of beach chic pieces tops off any bold woman’s outfit. My summer picks are neon greens and ocean blues fixed with skulls and unique twisted tassled designs. Check it out on Etsy.

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Melting Wok Warung: amazing food in Bali

Joanne Thies Reader Find

By Joanne Thies in Cool Travel on Wednesday 11 April 2012

This week I returned home from the hills of Ubud, in Bali Indonesia, with some very important information: I found the best hidden restaurant in Ubud. There it is, tucked away on a small street, Jalan Gootama. Melting Wok Warung sits about halfway down and seats very few. We tried the local Indo dishes and it was something special. I’m sad to admit that I lost my camera while on the back of a high speed moto, so I have no food pictures. All I have left are a few Instagram pictures I took while exploring Ubud.

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Artist Edel Rodriguez’s travel sketch book

Thomas Pitilli Reader Find

By Thomas Pitilli in New Illustration on Wednesday 14 March 2012

Edel Rodriguez is one of my favorite working illustrators. With such a strong body of work and a variety of approaches to the craft, his art is always exciting and original. Check this blog post he made about his recent trip to Bali. His sketch book entries are beautiful and so full of life. They tell the story better than the photographs.

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Illustrated Kids Go Travel Guides

Contributions Reader Find

By Stuart Hellier in Cool Travel on Friday 4 November 2011

I really like the illustrator Tania Willis’ work and now she’s teamed up with Mio Debnam to produce these kid’s guide books. Avoiding the trap of thinking parents know best, they’ve asked kids in the various locations what their favourite days out, experiences, food, and so on are. So far they’ve covered Bali, Sydney, Hong Kong, Phuket, London and New York. My lad gives it 5 stars after a recent trip to Bali.

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La Lucciola, Bali

Katrina Whitehead Reader Find

By Katrina Whitehead in Cool Travel on Friday 15 April 2011

It’s a grey, rainy day here in Sydney and with nothing particularly inspiring on the brunch menu, I’m dreaming about a recent breakfast I had at La Lucciola in Bali. Situated right on the beachfront, this vast, open-air, thatched restaurant always seems to score rave reviews from tourists, and is refreshingly and romantically basic, with tiled floors and comfy wicker chairs.

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Potato Head Beach Club in Seminyak, Bali

Katrina Whitehead Reader Find

By Katrina Whitehead in Cool Travel on Thursday 31 March 2011

Head up a long, nondescript drive towards Seminyak’s shabby coastline, and you’ll find the incredibly cool and distinctly un-shabby Potato Head Beach Club, the newest and sharpest place to hang out in Bali. Opened in December 2010, the building is an art installation in itself, with walls made of industrial concrete and adorned with hundreds of rustic, mismatched window shutters.

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Grocer & Grind in Bali

Katrina Whitehead Reader Find

By Katrina Whitehead in Cool Travel on Friday 25 March 2011

There’s something very ‘Sydney’ about Seminyak. If it weren’t for the tropical heat, delightful scent of incense, cluttered temples and constant drum of scooters, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were shopping in Paddington, hanging out in Bondi, or dining in Surry Hills. And when it comes to the very Sydney habit of heading out for Sunday brunch, you can’t go past Seminyak’s Grocer and Grind.

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Sarong in Seminyak, Bali

Katrina Whitehead Reader Find

By Katrina Whitehead in Cool Travel on Tuesday 22 March 2011

There’s something nicely eclectic about sitting in an opulent Balinese restaurant, sipping French wine, and eating Southeast Asian inspired food courtesy of a renowned Australian chef. While such a combination could potentially risk being a little confused, this is one instance where the fusion definitely works.

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