Designer recreates luxury bags as pancakes, muffins, and other yummy pastries

Inigo del Castillo Contributor

By Inigo del Castillo in New Design on Tuesday 7 April 2015

New York-based artist Chloe Wise has created a line of luxury goods that will get even men interested: designer bags that look like delicious pastries.

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From El Mar to el marvellous! Fantastic bags made from recycled sail fabric

Milo Sumner Contributor

By Milo Sumner in New Products on Thursday 24 July 2014

We think this is worth your while, so bend your knee and lend your ear. Introducing MAFIA Bags, a new business out of South America started by Argentinian siblings Marcos and Paz Mafia.

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Conveyor belts turned into bags

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in New Products on Wednesday 12 June 2013

It’s amazing what we can make stuff out of these days. Dutch company Kazmok, for instance, makes an entire bag range — such as briefcases, travel bags and even iPad sleeves — out of rubbery conveyor belts. The materials are sourced from the flower industry, postal depots, distribution centers and the recycling industry.

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Trends in Fashion: Waist bags are making a comeback

Rebekah Rhoden Contributor

By Rebekah Rhoden in New Fashion on Wednesday 1 May 2013

Waist bags (‘fanny packs’ to our American friends) aren’t just meant to be paired with mum jeans and tourist t-shirts anymore. Notable names in fashion such as Rachel Zoe, Lacoste, and DKNY are bringing back this iconic accessory in a stylish new way. Gone are the unfortunate days of bulky plastic clasps and chaotic patterns.

[Brought to you by Couture La La, the new fragrance from Juicy Couture]

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Anti-Theft Lunch Bags come with built-in faux mold

Michelle Wilding Reader Find

By Michelle Wilding in New Products on Monday 15 April 2013

Don’t you hate those schoolyard bullies who can’t scrub a buck together, or office co-workers who are too lazy to make their own lunch? Instead, they steal yours. Well, these Anti-Theft lunch bags will put an end to your beloved lunchtime burglaries. Each reusable zip-lock bag has green splotch marks adorned all over it; a […]

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Bags from tents left behind at summer music festivals

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in New Design on Wednesday 3 April 2013

Chapman Bags in Cumbria, England makes these Tent bags by Esther Porter out of tents left behind at summer music festivals. They are hand-crafted and strengthened with British rubber-bonded cotton canvas, thick cotton webbing straps and British-cast nickel hardware. Backpack, barrel or satchel, these are all achingly, screamingly cool creations.

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Passive aggressive bags to fend off subway commuters

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in New Products on Tuesday 8 January 2013

We know the subway can be a treacherous place for anyone, especially during peak hours. Which is why these rather sulky Tube Rant tote bags against annoying human behavior on the tube are great for helping anyone deal with their moments of infuriation from ‘elbow space war’ to blatant reading of newspapers ‘over my sodding shoulder’. As the bio of the London-based creator behind the self-named label goes, ‘Rather than punching people in the face, Mardy Mabel decided to channel her rage and rancour into craft so that others could share her rants with friends, enemies and fellow public transport users.’ Good stuff.

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Sophie Hulme x Globe-Trotter

Cheyenne Tulsa Contributor

By Cheyenne Tulsa in New Design on Thursday 20 December 2012

Fast-emerging as London’s favourite womenswear and accessories designer, Sophie Hulme is known for understatedly chic bags. Recently, she teamed up with the iconic luggage brand Globe-Trotter for a second time adding new sizes and injecting more colour along with her sharp, modern aesthetic to her existing range for them. As she said in an interview with Vogue UK: ‘Globe-Trotter is such a great company that I didn’t want to see the collaborations end after just one season’. For the first time in Globe-Trotter’s history, Hulme re-designed the handle for her Autumn/Winter 2012 collection (pictured below) to include her signature brass hardware. Each piece is completed with a signature striped silk lining, coordinating with Hulme’s ready-to-wear collection.

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Handcrafted bags from Talant Trade Co.

Rebekah Rhoden Contributor

By Rebekah Rhoden in New Products on Tuesday 23 October 2012

Talant Trade Co. is the work of Johnson Benjamin from Corinth, Mississippi. He makes unique handcrafted bags and satchels from high quality fabrics, leather, and hardware. I bought one of his bags after being introduced to Talant Trade Co. at the Indie Craft Parade in Greenville, SC, and it’s definitely been a favorite purchase of mine. Talant Trade Co. makes high-quality and affordable bags that are great for everyday use.

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New fashion illustrations by Enzo Pérès-Labourdette

Contributions Reader Find

By Emma Johnson in New Illustration on Tuesday 9 October 2012

What girl doesn’t dream about owning the new IT bag? Illustrator Enzo Pérès-Labourdette showcases beautiful bags in a lush, dark, forest decor. I wish I could have all of them in my wardrobe, but right now, I’m just as content looking at these beautiful illustrations.

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Handmade bags by Horse and Anchor

Brad Lamers Reader Find

By Brad Lamers in New Design on Friday 31 August 2012

Laree Love is a Los Angeles artist and craftsman. His Horse and Anchor bags are one of a kind, handmade, extremely durable and hip, and made out of all vintage materials. Love can be seen at any flea market in the greater LA area in search for the perfect materials for his products.

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Retro LEGO canvas tote bag

Rebekah Rhoden Contributor

By Rebekah Rhoden in New Products on Friday 20 July 2012

Mark Errington has created the perfect tote bag for LEGO enthusiasts. The bag features a retro yellow and black design, and it is hand-dyed and hand-printed on 100% natural cotton canvas. There’s only 25 of them, so get one before they’re gone.

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The little adventure of bunny girl

Contributions Reader Find

By geby priwita in New Products on Thursday 27 January 2011

The debut collection of Dynchav is very interesting and well-crafted. Their products are simple and detail in the same time. I’ve fallen in love with their tote bag, which has a magnificent illustration on it.

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Jacqui Alexander Reader Find

By Jacqui Alexander in New Fashion on Monday 21 June 2010

Sydney based label Virr believe that the company you carry, or more over, the accessories you carry have the power to define you. Virr’s classical, handcrafted leather totes, shoes and bags have that old world charm that makes modern metros and fashionistas week at the knees.

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Louis Vuitton’s Raindrop Besace bag

Clare Hillier Reader Find

By Clare Hillier in New Fashion on Friday 19 February 2010

If you ever needed proof that money can’t buy taste, here it is. Designed by Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton, this designer rubbish bag will set you back US$1,960. Can’t wait to see the knock-offs!

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