You Are Not A Photographer

Rebekah Rhoden Contributor

By Rebekah Rhoden in Cool Websites on Wednesday 22 August 2012

Do you know someone who considers themselves to be a ‘professional’ photographer, but has absolutely no talent whatsoever? Of course you do. This website finds the worst ‘fauxtography’ from all over the internet and displays it for your enjoyment.

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Trading Faces

This Island Life Contributor

By This Island Life in New Photography on Friday 5 November 2010

I’m sorry, but since when did it become acceptable to bump one person’s face out for another? I know magazines switch bodies and heads quite regularly, but it’s so much creepier when it’s just the face. It all started when I was flipping through an Australian men’s magazine (don’t ask) and stumbled upon a badly Photoshopped image, which on closer inspection was the face of Poh Ling from Masterchef pasted onto the head of a stripper to see what she would look like with implants. WTF?! But it wasn’t until I came across these images above from Vogue Nippon (Japanese Vogue) that I realised it had gone too far.

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