Beautiful portraits of supermodels, actors, and others who fled war torn South Sudan

Marta Millere Contributor

By Marta Millere in New Photography on Wednesday 16 April 2014

New York-based photographer Mike Mellia recently joined supermodel Nykhor Paul and other figures to turn the world’s attention to the crisis in South Sudan through a portrait collection entitled Our side of the story: South Sudan. This collection of 14 portraits illustrates the anguish of those who escaped their war-torn country and lived to tell a powerful story. [above: Ajak Deng: Supermodel (Louis Vuitton, Vogue, Lanvin), activist, and refugee].

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Axel Engstrom

Gerry Mak Reader Find

By Gerry Mak in New Photography on Wednesday 22 December 2010

Fashion photographer Axel Engstrom has a nice and ghostly style, often using multiple exposures and mirror effects to make his subjects look like vapor or crazy apparitions.

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