Australian street artist, Rone, paints on a 5-story building in Berlin

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By Inigo del Castillo in New Art on Wednesday 11 December 2013

Rone is a notable street artist who has created many works of art on the streets of Melbourne. Recently, he spent five days in Berlin to create a mural, which he says is one of the largest he has ever attempted. The mural is on a five-story building and is a portrait of fashion model […]

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Taggr: geo-tag the street art of Sydney, Melbourne

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By Sam Keene in New Trends on Friday 4 November 2011

Anyone who’s walked through the streets of Sydney or Melbourne knows the how prolific the Australian street art scene is. That’s why Soap Creative in Sydney have released Taggr, a free iPhone app that allows you to view, find, upload and geo-tag art from the streets of Sydney and Melbourne. Now anyone from around the world can view the urban creativity that is and was in these two fine cities.

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Australia’s largest paste-up by street artist Drab

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By Buzz Products in New Design on Saturday 6 August 2011

We’re seeing a retaliation from young artists who find the environment and politics of galleries to be a juxtaposition to the meaning and target audience of their work. Creative agency, Buzz Products, has helped bring contemporary art into the everyday through a collaboration with Drab. The exterior of their Melbourne headquarters provided the perfect canvas for Australia’s largest paste-up.

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