McDonald’s asked a band to play for free during SXSW and they’ve got 100% beef with it

Rachel Oakley Contributor

By Rachel Oakley in New Music on Saturday 7 March 2015

The SXSW music festival is one of the largest of its kind in the world, so when you’re invited to perform, it’s a dream come true. But when you’re asked by fast food giant McDonald’s to perform without pay, then we’ve got problems.

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Mr & Mrs Smith’s City Spy: Austin, TX

Mr & Mrs Smith Reader Find

By Mr & Mrs Smith in Cool Travel on Tuesday 16 July 2013

If Austin was a car, it’d be a VW campervan. The capital of the Lone Star State, Austin has seen its popularity (and population) soar in recent years: between 2000 and 2006, it was the third fastest growing city in the United States. Austin is cultured, kitsch and kooky, and rightfully wears its unofficial slogan […]

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Win Bernie double passes and DVDs: Jack Black’s new film

Zolton Editor

By Zolton in New Film on Thursday 9 August 2012

I actually saw Bernie at a screening in Austin, Texas, which is where the director of the film, Richard Linklater (Dazed and Confused; School of Rock), resides. Bernie is a brilliant bittersweet comedy, based on a true story (remarkable though that may seem) and starring the incomparable Jack Black, alongside a strong cast of exceptional character actors, including Shirley MacLaine. [If you’re an Australian-based reader, you can win screening passes and DVDs for Bernie. See here for more details]

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Documentary about a haircutting contest in a Scottish jail

Zolton Editor

By Zolton in New Film on Thursday 29 March 2012

I saw this documentary short at this year’s SXSW festival in Austin and was captivated by the simple storyline, so elegantly and beautifully related. The premise is simple: ‘the butchiest prisoners in Scotland cutting the hair of fellow inmates inside some of the toughest jails in the country? Your chance to experience first hand the […]

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Austinspace: a cultural guide to Austin, Texas

Victoria Selbach Reader Find

By Victoria Selbach in New Photography on Tuesday 27 March 2012

I’m an East Coast girl with a growing lust for Austin, due in no small part to the incredible discoveries and adventures of Mirgun Akyavas, photographer extraordinaire. Austinspace takes you on a troll through the back roads, eating and drinking establishments, street art, and music scene of this colorful blue sky town.

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Anonymous Indigo: a protest song by Bradley Dean Whyte

Chadwick and Spector Reader Find

By Chadwick and Spector in New Music on Saturday 17 March 2012

Anonymous Indigo could be named the official protest song of Austin, where it was filmed live during a city protest on Guy Fawkes Day in 2011. It’s a heartbreaking song with a smile at the end. Spoiler: the ballad includes lyrics about Romans drowning in their own vomit.

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In.gredients: a zero-waste grocery store

Bright Archer Reader Find

By Bright Archer in New Trends on Wednesday 26 October 2011

Business models like this bring a small ray of hope to our environmentally-challenged species. In.gredients is set to be the first ‘package-free, zero-waste grocery store‘, due to open in Austin later this year. Here’s hoping this trend catches on in a big way.

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Uchiko: a Japanese restaurant in an Austin farmhouse

The Urban Grocer Contributor

By The Urban Grocer in Cool Travel on Friday 15 July 2011

The American South’s hippest city — Austin, Texas — got a little bit cooler last year with the opening of Uchiko, a contemporary Japanese restaurant that serves up innovative and sustainable food in a warm farmhouse setting.

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Haunted Amps

Jonathan Terhaar Contributor

By Jonathan Terhaar in New Music on Friday 8 July 2011

Here in Austin, odds are that your neighbor is in at least two bands. The music scene is as vast as any other American city, and then some. Being noticed amongst the chasm that is the Austin music scene takes more than luck or knowing the right people: you have to be genuine, you must have talent, and you must do something to differentiate yourself from everyone else.

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Corinne Loperfido

Gerry Mak Reader Find

By Gerry Mak in New Art on Wednesday 6 July 2011

LA, Austin, and New Orleans-based artist Corinne Loperfido specializes in whimsical, folk-pop drawings, poster art, and embroidery, hilarious and honest comics, and mixed media collages and concept pieces such as her beard photo series.

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First zero-waste, package-free grocery store in America

Zolton Editor

By Zolton in New Trends on Monday 27 June 2011

Leave it to perennially sunny, progressive Austin to lead the way for the rest of America to follow. In.gredients, funding permitting, aiming to launch this coming Fall (Spring in the Southern Hemisphere), will be a grocery store with a difference.

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Is this the greatest angry voicemail ever? We think so! [uncensored]

Zolton Editor

By Zolton in Video on Wednesday 8 June 2011

You know, sometimes the best advertising comes from the customers themselves, though not necessarily in the way you planned it. When Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse received an angry phone message from a pissed off customer, they got wise and turned it into a rollicking viral video [NSFW]. Ha! Wish she would leave a nasty message on […]

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Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka

The Urban Grocer Contributor

By The Urban Grocer in New Food and Packaging on Wednesday 1 June 2011

While vodka may be the last thing you thought you’d come across in the heart of Austin, Texas, it’s just what you’ll find with Deep Eddy. For everything from cocktails to on the rocks, Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka is the perfect antidote to a scorching Texas summer day. It’s not your grandma’s sweet tea, but it has the same slow, sweet, Southern taste — and it’s actually infused with real tealeaves and local clover honey.

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Corduroi’s All Ways music video

Troy Mattison Hicks Reader Find

By Troy Mattison Hicks in New Music on Wednesday 18 May 2011

Corduroi, aka Cody Wilson, has a great video for the song All Ways, directed by Color Chart — a collaborative effort between Prague, the Czech Republic, and now Austin, comprised of directors James Longmire, Tristan Love, and Edward Shore.

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Zorch: Zut Alore

Steve from Spirit Animal Reader Find

By Steve from Spirit Animal in New Music on Saturday 14 May 2011

Zorch is a two-piece from Austin with some French or Canadian in them. One guy plays vintage Moog and 73-key Rhodes, his whole set-up shaking and rocking, while the drummer, equipped with a Bobby Brown My Perogative-era headset mic, gets jazz wild on a rickety, shitty sounding kit. Their tunes are analog opuses, with big […]

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