New work from Australian illustrator Ashley Wood

Sean Madden Reader Find

By Sean Madden in New Illustration on Friday 10 February 2012

If you’re a fan of semi-naked girls beating on zombies and giant robots (and let’s face it, who isn’t?) then the Australian illustrator/artist Ashley Wood may be just what your life is missing. Starting out in comics and quickly moving on to publishing his own sumptuous art books, prints and collectable toys, Wood now has a legion of adoring fans worldwide, eager to snap up anything coming out of his 3A/Bambaland studios. A new set of prints is said to be on offer. KILL!!

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Ashley Wood

The Flying Dutchman Reader Find

By The Flying Dutchman in New Art on Friday 26 August 2011

I developed an unhealthy fixation with Ashley Wood’s work a couple of years ago, probably due to the loose energy with which he uses his media and his subject matter of big robots, retro military action, zombies and lots of naked ladies. The overriding factor, however, is how effortless he makes it all look, beautiful […]

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