37 animators helped make the new music video for Daniel John’s single, ‘Going on 16′

Rachel Oakley Contributor

By Rachel Oakley in Video on Wednesday 5 August 2015

Daniel Johns’ new single Going on 16 deserves to win video of the year at any music award ceremony, purely for its creative edge.

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Cotton: the common thread of people around the world

Nicole Hughes Contributor

By Nicole Hughes in New Fashion on Wednesday 24 December 2014

We’ve all heard of cotton. You’re probably wearing some right now. It’s now thought that cotton as we know it was first grown at least 7,000 years ago in Mexico. By 1500, it was ubiquitious around the world although it didn’t take root in America until 1556 in Florida. These days, it’s all around us, and an intrinsic part of everyday life.

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Charles Gitnick is an 11-year-old artist with a following

Rachel Oakley Contributor

By Rachel Oakley in New Art on Friday 13 December 2013

He’s not your average artist. For starters, Charles Gitnick is 11 years old. But age doesn’t mean a thing when you have New York, Miami and L.A. gallerists approaching you about your work. Doing art since age five, Gitnick started his ‘career’ by mixing colors, visiting art museums and learning about artists. His most famous […]

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Natalya Balnova’s Day Job series features the mundane jobs of famous writers

Jake Sheridan Contributor

By Jake Sheridan in New Art on Thursday 14 November 2013

Charles Bukowski, Kurt Vonnegut, T.S. Eliot, what do these creatives have in common? They all had day jobs. And they are captured here in Natalya Balnova’s work entitled Day Jobs, a book project that looks at the lives of famous artists, writers, poets and musicians and beautifully illustrates and notes the ordinary day jobs that […]

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Artist Tweets everything he eats

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in Cool Websites on Thursday 20 June 2013

Dutch-Brazilian visual artist Rafaël Rozendaal has a Twitter feed which he updates religiously with tweets of what he eats. It’s perfectly mundane and perfectly fun. Actually, it comes across as showing up the ridiculousness of all these food Instagrams that choke the Internet highway every second.

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Understanding artists by the stuff they own

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in New Art on Friday 12 April 2013

Really liking the new weekly STUFF series by New York-based art blog Art F City, which illuminates artists through their stuff instead of their art. As they state, ‘Art history never elucidates the importance of the artist’s dual role as creator and person who owns STUFF, even though STUFF is important: it’s what accumulates when […]

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The Code: Ethics for the starving designer

Annie Churdar Contributor

By Annie Churdar in Cool Websites on Wednesday 13 February 2013

Even starving artists must hold to a code of ethics. Certain professions such as lawyer or doctor require that someone working in that field follow a strict code. But you didn’t know that starving artists have codes, did you? Well, they do. And let me say, the code is beautifully designed and illustrated. The code […]

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Slanted Mansions: a look into artists’ creative spaces

Siobhan Frost Reader Find

By Siobhan Frost in New Art on Wednesday 1 August 2012

They’re talented, they’re hardworking, and now, with Slanted Mansion, you can get a peek into their spaces. They’re the creative doers and thinkers – some established, some emerging – from all around the globe and wildly different crafts and disciplines. Through their words and their environments, you can get to know a different one of these characters every week.

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Super Consiousness: The Quest for the Peak Experience

Kyle Renwick Reader Find

By Kyle Renwick in New Products on Friday 11 May 2012

The feeling of flow, as studied by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, is an artist’s natural drug of choice and the book, Super Consiousness: The Quest for the Peak Experience, digs deep to see what is really going on in those moments of bliss, where no outside noise can distract you from your single-minded focus. A must read […]

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Dirt is Dirt: a new arts publication

Jacob Klensin Reader Find

By Jacob Klensin in New Art on Wednesday 25 April 2012

Dirt is Dirt” is everything a new arts publication should be. It’s a submission based, curated project, choosing two artists a month to feature their work. The people behind it are just that: real people and even realer artists. Not members on some secret gallery board, or hidden internet personalities. What they do is showcase honest art done for the passion purely of expression. It is what it is; dirt is dirt.

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Play a game of Illustration Buzz

Luke Watson Reader Find

By Luke Watson in New Illustration on Wednesday 25 April 2012

See your favourite illustrators working together in this game of buzz. Start with one bored artist drawing something off the top of their head, pass onto to another artist who only gets a hint as to what the last artist has done, and finally, it’s onto to a third artist to finish off the illustration. […]

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From the LAEM Online Store: Morphik Wearable Art

Alison Shepard Contributor

By Alison Shepard in New Products on Thursday 19 April 2012

It’s a bracelet. It’s a wall-hanging. It’s a limited edition piece of art. These art-inspired cuffs from Morphik are all of the above. An arts-focused design company founded with the vision for everyone to experience and own art, Morphik pieces are true art in concept, design, and function. The cuffs are designed as a ready to wear accessory piece, with a detachable art component that can be hung on the wall like a favorite painting and photograph.

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Gestalten TV: where artists talk about their own work

Beck Wheeler Reader Find

By Beck Wheeler in Cool Websites on Friday 30 March 2012

There is nothing quite like hearing about an artist’s work from the artist themself. You get to hear the passion in their voice, see into their studios, and get a glimpse into their creative process. Gestalten TV is a collection of short video documentaries about artists on the cutting-edge of visual culture worldwide. Aaron Rose,

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Carlo Somaschini

Gerry Mak Reader Find

By Gerry Mak in New Art on Tuesday 19 April 2011

Are you kidding me with these engravings and prints by Italian artist Carlo Somaschini? They totally bonkers good.

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