Interview with Australian artist James Jirat Patradoon

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By Lost At E Minor in New Art on Wednesday 11 December 2013

Australian artist James Jirat Patradoon was the star of our recently held Lost At E Minor party in Sydney, his fluoro work setting the walls of the venue alight. He creates character driven visual art, born of fictional worlds of borrowed imagery that act as distorted mirrors to our reality, mashed-up and remixed to create […]

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Eric Yahnker: former South Park animator

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By itdrewitself in New Art on Friday 8 July 2011

On their recent sabbatical to america, the guys at itdrewitself visited with artist Eric Yahnker to shoot a series of photos documenting his L.A. studio. A former animator for South Park, Yahnker now busies himself producing hyper detailed drawings and humorous sculptures.

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Mary Jane Ansell

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By Artpusher in New Art on Saturday 12 March 2011

I first saw Mary Jane’s work while playing tourist in London, at the BP Awards show at the National Portrait Gallery. I was completely floored by her incredible, detailed rendering. Her latest series, The Beauty of the Hours, is a graceful, moody and captivating collection of work. She currently works from her studio in Brighton’s North Laine, after going for her morning walk on the beach.

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