This plane froze on the tarmac, so the passengers moved it with a giant push

Rachel Oakley Contributor

By Rachel Oakley in News on Thursday 27 November 2014

Want to get from A to B this holiday season? You might have to push the plane on the tarmac! This story comes from Igarka airport, just above the Arctic Circle, where the plane carrying 70 passengers actually froze to the ground. It’s believed the wrong kind of grease was used for the landing gear, […]

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Canadian artist Sarah Anne Johnson

Deanne Cheuk Reader Find

By Deanne Cheuk in New Art on Tuesday 18 October 2011

Canadian artist Sarah Anne Johnson created these works after a residency on a double masted schooner in the Arctic Circle. The artist says: ‘After such an experience, one can’t help speculating about the impact we have on this planet’.

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