From the LAEM Store: Horselove Apparel

Alison Shepard Contributor

By Alison Shepard in New Fashion on Monday 24 March 2014

F@*$! Yeah is Right! Horselove Art and Apparel Label creates unique hand-illustrated and hand-screened t-shirts, notebooks, and art prints – each one limited and one-of-a-kind. Their offbeat illustrations include anything from pop culture references to warm and fuzzy pet drawings, making this anything but your usual design label. Shop for Horselove items in the Lost […]

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Art book by Monaux

Andy Reader Find

By Andy in Cool Websites on Thursday 1 July 2010

Karl Kwasny, also known as Monaux, has just embarked on a rather ambitious digital art book project – he’ll be publishing one illustration per week for two years. It’ll be one playful book when he’s done; you might recognise the Australian illustrator’s style from some recently released Insight51 and Mooks tees.

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