This cube is made from an entire amusement park

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in New Art on Thursday 18 July 2013

Wow, James Dive of The Glue Society somehow managed to crush a recently demolished amusement park into a compact 4m x 4m cube.

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If I Were President by Joseph Ford

Casper Johansson Reader Find

By Casper Johansson in Architecture on Thursday 3 June 2010

Ok, so this is some clever trick photography by Joseph Ford for French Magazine, Amusement. But heck, why doesn’t someone just go ahead and build one. Kinda what the world needs right now. Right? Right!

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Jean-Yves Lemoigne

Sonya Rosendorff Reader Find

By Sonya Rosendorff in New Photography on Tuesday 28 April 2009

Jean-Yves Lemoigne takes beautiful photographs. My favourites are amongst his editorial work for Amusement magazine, titled Pixxxel, which tend to make the viewer think twice about what they’re seeing.

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