The reaction of this rescued lion when seeing the carer who raised him as a cub is very touching

Zolton Editor

By Zolton in Video on Wednesday 24 September 2014

In another example of the remarkable memory retention of animals, this video shows Valentin Gruener, the initial carer of this awesome rescued lion, visit his former charge and get the type of reception we would never have imagined possible. When the lion is released from his cage, he embraces and hugs Gruener like a long […]

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This remarkable MRI video shows ALL aspects of the human body in motion

Milo Sumner Contributor

By Milo Sumner in Video on Monday 22 September 2014

[Slightly, briefly NSFW] Ever wondered what your body looks like on the inside? Have you considered what happens to that gulp of pineapple juice when you swallow it, or what your lungs look like when they’re expanding with air? Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) functions by mapping the spread of water molecules that exist in different densities in different parts of the body.

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This video of Jell-O bouncing in super slow motion is absolutely captivating

Lost At E Minor Contributor

By Lost At E Minor in Video on Thursday 11 September 2014

Technically this is ‘gelatin cubes dropped onto solid surface High Speed Video 6200 fps’. But to laypeople like us, it’s just about the most captivating thing we’ve seen. Of course, gelatin is a ‘protein produced from collagen extracted from the boiled bones, connective tissues, and other animal products’ (thanks, Wikipedia). Doesn’t sound good, but damn, […]

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Incredible dash cam footage shows the destruction of a tornado as a Russian man tries to flee his house

Zolton Editor

By Zolton in Video on Wednesday 10 September 2014

Don’t mess with Mother Nature! That’s the pretty clear message this fierce tornado seems to be sending this hapless Russian man who pulled out of his garage only to be caught smack bang in the middle of its angry winds. As he tries to turn back to his garage, it’s destroyed in front of his […]

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This guy and his Go-Pro got dangerously close to an exploding volcano: what he filmed looked like he’d descended into hell!

Zolton Editor

By Zolton in Video on Monday 8 September 2014

Memo: if you’re going to hang around an exploding volcano, be sure to dress appropriately for the occasion. Explorer, documentary maker, and fearless adventurer, George Kourounis, took on the Marum crater in the archipelago of the South Pacific’s Vanuatu, filming the dramatic happenings of an inferno lava lake and getting, in his own words, ‘a window into hell’. [Watch this remarkable video here!]

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These two guys take FOREVER to get out of the water even though there’s a huge shark right next to them

Milo Sumner Contributor

By Milo Sumner in Video on Tuesday 2 September 2014

This video has to be seen to be believed. The incident took place in Destin, Florida, in the Southern United States. Taken from a high-up vantage point, we are treated to the sight of a couple of rather overweight fellows meandering in the shallow waters on a pristine beach complete with white sands and neatly ordered sun chairs. [Watch this incredible video here. Spoiler: you mightn't ever want to go into the water again!]

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A whale gets up close and personal with a kayaking couple

Milo Sumner Contributor

By Milo Sumner in Video on Thursday 24 July 2014

A couple had the time/fright of their lives when they want for a sunset kayak outing off the coast of Puerto Madryn, Argentina. The pair spotted a pod of southern wright whales and were clearly delighted (although the video is in Spanish). Their delight may have soured somewhat when the whales quickly approached, whether angry or curious it’s hard to tell. [watch the video here]

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A skydiver nearly gets hit by a meteor: extraordinary world first! [VIDEO]

Tristan Rayner Editor

By Tristan Rayner in Video on Saturday 5 April 2014

Nowegian Anders Helstrup has captured one of the most astonishing moments in skydiving history – clear footage of a thumping meteor whooshing past him at 300km/hr, all on video. Helstrup jumped from a small plane that had taken off from from Østre Æra Airport in Hedmark. [This post first ran on our tech and gadget website, Techly]

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Twenty complete strangers meet and kiss for the first time: watch what happened!

Contributions Reader Find

By Milo Sumner in New Film on Wednesday 12 March 2014

Late last night, filmmaker Tatia Pilieva released her short film entitled First Kiss. It is a project with a simple premise: she invites total strangers into her studio and simply asks them, in their own time, to kiss each other. Beautifully shot, the result is a perfect combination of awkward and heart-warming.

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A Go-Pro fell out of a plane, landed in a pig pen and was found intact: you won’t believe what it recorded!

Tristan Rayner Editor

By Tristan Rayner in Tech on Thursday 13 February 2014

We don’t have many details of this, but take the YouTube video description for what it is. A GoPro is ready to go in a skydiving plane with a bunch of jumpers. Somehow, it accidentally falls from the plane, and tumbles down, spinning furiously (and we see a cool effect of recording framerate/spin-rate almost matching) all the way. And it keeps recording. [via our new tech site, Techly]

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Arturo Castro’s real-time face substitution

Gerry Mak Reader Find

By Gerry Mak in Video on Thursday 29 September 2011

This video is really freaking me out. Arturo Castro, who made the video, used an opensource framework to create this application, which digitally substitutes his face in real time. One day, the world will be just like The Running Man.

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Awesome music shoe video: but is it real?

Payam Doostzadeh Reader Find

By Payam Doostzadeh in Video on Saturday 16 July 2011

This is a brilliant video from Nike. These two guys are DJ-ing with shoes that are somehow connected to the mixer. Totally wild!

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Pendulum’s 360 video by director Dan Rutely

Zolton Editor

By Zolton in Video on Tuesday 5 July 2011

I was in Metropolis, hanging with my buddy, Dan Rutely, and he’s like, ‘Do you want to see the new video I just finished?, I’m like, ‘yeah, buddy, Dan!’ The video’s a trip that messes with perception of visual reality. I could go into an explanation here, but just interact with it yourself. He’s since […]

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Amazing time lapse video by Sandy Noble

Outasight Reader Find

By Outasight in New Art on Saturday 25 June 2011

This work left me amazed. I originally caught wind of this here. Sandy Noble created these artworks by using a Polargraph, which is a pen attached to a string that is run by two motors. Love it.

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Brilliant augmented dance mutation video

Troy Mattison Hicks Reader Find

By Troy Mattison Hicks in Video on Wednesday 11 May 2011

Wow! This augmented dance mutation tracks the human skeleton with a computer program. It’s a performance by 1024 Architecture.

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