Zoo: an amazing documentary about an extraordinary death

Henrik Nor-Hansen Reader Find

By Henrik Nor-Hansen in New Film on Tuesday 10 January 2012

I just came across this amazing documentary (not to be confused with Peter Greenaway’s Zoo). It did very well at several film festivals in 2007, but without a widespread distribution, it quickly slipped into oblivion. Zoo, short for Zoophile, is a lyrical dive into the outskirts of human sexuality.

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Hidden video camera captures life in an Indonesian jungle

Aly Schneider Reader Find

By Aly Schneider in Video on Thursday 29 September 2011

Nobody likes being captured by a hidden camera. Right? Well, these animals don’t seem to mind. Dutch conservationist Marten Slothouwer set up ten video camera traps in Indonesia’s jungles to document an incredible five minute video to help encourage rainforest preservation.

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Exit Through The Gift Shop: a Banksy production

Ron English Reader Find

By Ron English in New Film on Tuesday 1 June 2010

Banksy is Howard Hughes, Mr. Brainwash is Charlie Chaplin and this is not a documentary about A list street artists (although they make cameos), this is a moving narrative with a real point of view. Stop talking about it; go see it, then talk about it.

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