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Scan extraterrestrial signals from your bedroom

The University of California at Berkeley has created SETI@home, an Internet volunteer project that uses home computers to listen for narrow-bandwidth radio signals from extra terrestrial intelligence. Our computer processors … Read more

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Robot mimics human arm movements

You know that cargo-loader robot suit that Ripley wears in Aliens? Those things now exist. Yup, ‘Engineers at Raytheon-Sarcos in Salt Lake City demonstrated a unique set of tele-operated robotic … Read more

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Martin Lacko

Martin Lacko’s strange drawings of faceless creatures and alien landscapes often look as if the Slovakian illustrator scribbled them down when trying to remember a dream.

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Snaiad: Life on Another World

Snaiad is the the obsessive hobby of a designer going by the name of Nemo Ramjet. Ramjet has, over the course of several years, created an entire alien world with … Read more

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Buuts Buuts Uamou figures

I’m no vinyl toy aficionado. Sure, I like them and I have a few on the shelf, but I’m hardly obsessive. I am, however, pretty sure I want every one … Read more

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