Acrylic art by Klash Inside

Gem Contributor

By Gem in New Art on Tuesday 3 September 2013

I really like the acrylic art objects made by the Toronto fine art studio, Klash Inside. Their pieces are all handmade, made to reflect light. The clean, geometric patterns have an architectural feel to them, and won’t look out of place anywhere.

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Intricate pop art by Keiichi Tanaachi

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in New Art on Friday 30 August 2013

When Japanese artist Keiichi Tanaami fell deathly ill at the age of 45, he often had hallucinations from the medications he took. The incident went on to inspire him and made him aware of just how fragile life can be. He is now exhibiting 12 of his acrylic paintings in Singapore’s Mizuma Gallery.

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Amazing acrylic paintings by Daniel Melim

Denimu Contributor

By Denimu in New Art on Tuesday 16 October 2012

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Daniel Melim and seeing his amazing acrylic paintings on a transparent acrylic membrane. The intense blue contrasting against rich vibrant colours becomes clear when realizing that it is actually a painting, of a painting. Melim first paints on fabrics and places them in ‘contact with nature: hills and irregular volumes of stamped cloths that seem to dance in the wind under a blue sky that resembles the Summer clear sky’.

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The Boy In The Box Breaks Free: art by Michael Carini

Contributions Reader Find

By Michael Carini in New Art on Thursday 30 August 2012

Michael Carini’s creative visions illuminate the human condition as he delves into the uncensored depths of his mind and invites you to catch a glimpse of the other side. It is a journey depicted through weaving blasts of light, color, and energy trapped within the boundlessness of space. As his hands and brush create a musical dialogue and dance across the canvas, Carini describes his technique as a poetically alchemical process based upon the principals of equivalent exchange.

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Snapshots of nature’s reclamation of the human world

George Hambov Reader Find

By George Hambov in New Art on Wednesday 29 August 2012

Imagine a world with no humans. I think that’s why post-apocalyptic movies and visions are intriguing. I remember watching I am Legend and marveling at the sequencing during the hunting scenes on the New York streets. Josh Keyes takes this to another level in his snapshots of nature’s reclamation of the human world. Outstanding talent.

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New paintings by Erin Please

Contributions Reader Find

By Erin Please in New Art on Wednesday 14 September 2011

Erin Please began painting graffiti at the age of thirteen, inspired by its range and immediacy. Applying the same DIY ethos to the rest of his output, he spent his teenage years creating underground fanzines and teaching himself various artistic techniques.

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Fun pop art celebrity portraits by Taylor Gonzales

Contributions Reader Find

By Jake Money in New Art on Thursday 25 August 2011

Taylor Gonzales is a Cleveland-based artist whose work I’ve seen on the streets. He takes a bold geometric approach to pop culture icons.

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The haunting artwork of Kaspian Shore

Contributions Reader Find

By KS in New Art on Thursday 21 July 2011

Kaspian Shore is a self-taught painter and illustrator who spent much of his youth in anguish and isolation, making poetry and art one of the few ways to comfort him in his grief and to enable him to communicate.

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Maine Coast Art

Contributions Reader Find

By Dan Osterman in New Art on Tuesday 22 March 2011

I go to the sea where the land disappears, and the clouds stack up, and the elements fight for supremacy. Although I work in a variety of media, these pieces are more lightly done using acrylic or watercolor paints, with some pen and ink.

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