An abandoned cinema in the Egyptian desert

Rachel Oakley Contributor

By Rachel Oakley in Cool Travel on Thursday 13 March 2014

Here’s something you don’t see everyday! An abandoned outdoor cinema in Egypt. This cinema was captured by award-winning Estonian photographer Kaupo Kikkas and seems to have been installed “somewhere in the beginning of this millennium”. But it was built by Frenchmen, not Egyptians. The tale behind the abandonment of the cinema is quite interesting (some […]

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Planned makeovers for abandoned stations of Paris

Rachel Oakley Contributor

By Rachel Oakley in Architecture on Monday 10 February 2014

Paris mayoral candidate Nathalie Koziuscot-Morizet has made quite a stir with her plans to revive old and abandoned Parisian metro stations. Not only would Koziuscot-Morizet be the first female to ever hold the title of mayor in the capital, but she’d also be the first to reclaim Paris’ abandoned stations.

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Photos of an abandoned Aussie brothel

Rachel Oakley Contributor

By Rachel Oakley in Cool Travel on Thursday 19 December 2013

Some photographers get all the best work. Christian Pearson was commissioned by the new owners of Melbourne’s Cromwell Manor to photograph it. The only difference between this building and others in the neighborhood is that Cromwell Manor is an abandoned brothel. Closing in 2012 after 20 years of turning tricks, the building is almost ‘frozen in time,’ with cigarettes left in ashtrays, sheets laying in dryers, towels hung up, and mints ready on pillows.

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10 creepiest abandoned waterparks

Karla Courtney Reader Find

By Karla Courtney in New Photography on Wednesday 5 September 2012

Environmental Graffiti offers up images of the stunning-meets-shocking-meets-awesome variety of all things outdoors. These creepy abandoned waterpark photos are a great inspiration to venture to the forgotten, at your own risk! 

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Evocative photography by Alicia Rius

Peter Mclisky Reader Find

By Peter Mclisky in New Photography on Saturday 24 March 2012

Always a fan of forgotten places, I’m still taken by Alicia Ruis’s photography. This set is great, but the whole site is worth checking out. Buy a picture, though. I think she needs a new car.

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