Unleash retro heaven via The ’90s Button

Erin Emocling Contributor

By Erin Emocling in Cool Websites on Thursday 22 August 2013

Yes, the ’90s was so last, last decade, but to some, it is still the greatest era of all time. The world was rad and we revolved around Lisa Frank, stick-on earrings, Beverly Hills 90210, Trapper Keepers, and Tamagotchis. Desperate to experience the ’90s again? Just hit The ’90s Button, a David Hasselhoff-inspired website that will […]

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A House of Lies: the quest to find the ‘most 90s’ movies

Matt Warren Reader Find

By Matt Warren in Cool Websites on Thursday 17 January 2013

This blog is full of nostalgia as I grew up in the 90s and loved so many of these films. I admire the author’s dedication to the cause, as he challenges himself to find ‘the most ‘90’s film of all time’. His views and commentary are humorous as he thoroughly dissects these films. It’s great to reminisce about this era of movie making, and at the same time, it’s scary to see how dated things have become!

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