50 Cent by any other name? Make that Malaysian RM1.50

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in New Trends on Tuesday 23 September 2014

This snapshot of a Malaysian newspaper hat has hilariously valued rapper 50 Cent at RM1.50, has been making the rounds in my Twitter feed since yesterday. Looks like the editor took 50 Cent’s name quite literally and really wanted to to make sure the right currency conversion was in place. It’s just incredible. Can anyone […]

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The Lost Tape: a new mixtape by 50 Cent

Agent X Reader Find

By Agent X in New Music on Saturday 26 May 2012

This is 50 Cent Back on his Grind. I wish that he could just release music like this with no big features and radio songs. It is for his true fans, like me, who like the hip hop with no filter. Also, having DJ Drama hosting this gives this more of a stamp in the […]

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