Use a 3D printer to build your own nylon jewellery

Peter Mclisky Reader Find

By Peter Mclisky in New Fashion on Thursday 2 February 2012

We will all have our own 3D printer soon, no doubt. But until we do, here’s a place to design and order your own 3D printer-built black or white nylon jewellery. Play with the builder until you’re happy and then order surprisingly affordable pieces you can say you made yourself.

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MakerBot: a new 3D printer model

Nate Frizzell Reader Find

By Nate Frizzell in New Products on Friday 27 January 2012

MakerBot just unveiled their new 3D printer model with a bigger print surface and the ability to print two colors at the same time. At $2,000 it’s not quite in everyones price range but if you’ve got the cabbage, how awesome would it be to have this new toy on your desktop?

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Google Vase by Daniel Michel

Gerry Mak Reader Find

By Gerry Mak in New Products on Thursday 13 October 2011

Designer Daniel Michel chose eight different images of vases that came up during a google image search and combined them into a real-life vase using a 3D printer.

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