Lou Romano

Gerry Mak Reader Find

By Gerry Mak in New Illustration on Friday 6 May 2011

Illustrator Lou Romano has a great vintage style. He has an awesome series of monster portraits inspired by my favorite 80s kids movie, Monster Squad.

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Have you seen Lionel Ritchie?

Zolton Editor

By Zolton in New Trends on Sunday 1 May 2011

The great thing about Lionel Ritchie is that, as his music has aged, so too he’s become the definitive symbol for queasy cultural kitsch. Commodores be dammed. We prefer Hello era Lionel, pouty hips and all.

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Back To the 80s posters by Phantom City Creative

Gerry Mak Reader Find

By Gerry Mak in New Design on Wednesday 20 April 2011

Phantom City Creative continues to churn out absolutely stunning movie posters. Their latest Back to the 80s series really brings back memories.

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Monkey Magic theme song played by Japanese band

Zolton Editor

By Zolton in Video on Thursday 14 April 2011

If Monkey Magic wasn’t the most compelling and intriguing children’s TV series of the 80s, then I don’t know what was. Now, sit back and rejoice in the funky musical richness that was its memorable theme song by Japanese band “Godiego”

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Stereolizer iPad app

Gerry Mak Reader Find

By Gerry Mak in New Trends on Monday 28 March 2011

Stereolizer is an app that turns your iPad into an ’80s stereo with an interface that includes a radio dial which allows you to access streaming radio all over the world, and a tape deck that you can use to record things: music, messages, radio shows. You can eject ‘tapes’, edit and catalog them, just […]

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Original Breakfast Club Trailer from 1985

Zolton Editor

By Zolton in New Film on Monday 7 March 2011

Forget about the cliche that they don’t make movies like they used to. They don’t make trailers like they used to. Oh please, please, great higher being who controls the keys to the Tardis, transport me back to the 80s, with its saccharine sweet smiles and wide-eyed innocence.

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Video Dating montage from the 1980s

Zolton Editor

By Zolton in Video on Friday 25 February 2011

I can’t decide what I miss most about the 80s: the haircuts that always seemed on the verge of toppling over, the colourful knits, or the sense of naive insecurity that permeated every conversation. Oh, the memories. Now, ladies, take your pick from this remarkable smorgasbord above.

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Thirty years of Japanese fashion

Contributions Reader Find

By Vera Ciria in New Fashion on Saturday 12 February 2011

The recently finished Future Beauty, at the Barbican in London, was the first exhibition in Europe to comprehensively explore avant-garde Japanese fashion, from the early 1980s to the present.

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20/20 art series by Lucas Mongiello

Lamia Larkin Reader Find

By Lamia Larkin in New Art on Thursday 20 January 2011

If someone were to take my childhood and put it on display it would end up looking something like Lucas Mongiello’s latest series titled 20/20.

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Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five: The Message

Zolton Editor

By Zolton in New Music on Tuesday 21 December 2010

Old school never sounded so new school. RZA got nothing on this RD, but only Grandmaster could get away with what he’s wearing at .45 secs.

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Classic Arcade Character foot race to the pixelated death

Zolton Editor

By Zolton in Video on Tuesday 30 November 2010

Oh shucks, 1980s, where did you go? Oh, ok, you were replaced. By the crummy 90s. But you never lost your warm fuzzy place in the hearts (and joystick obsessed hands) of every 30 plus year old out there. Which is probably what motivated YouTube member Eyspire to create this platformer showdown in which ‘old-skool […]

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Cody Hamilton

Alison Zavos Contributor

By Alison Zavos in New Photography on Thursday 18 November 2010

Cody Hamilton is an Austin-based advertising and editorial photographer. He recently finished this series entitled ‘Relics’, which is a tribute to the most colorful and vibrant decade ever, the 80s.

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Umbilical cord iPhone charger by Mio I-zawa

Troy Mattison Hicks Reader Find

By Troy Mattison Hicks in New Products on Wednesday 6 October 2010

Straight out of a some twisted long forgotten David Cronenburg movie from the 80s comes the ultimate accessory for those who are extremely attached to their IPhone: the Umbilical cord IPhone charger. Created by artist Mio I-zawa.

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Spanish Moss: online vintage fashion

Jill Pope Reader Find

By Jill Pope in New Fashion on Friday 3 September 2010

Sorting through the racks at op and vintage shops can be tiring, right? Given time is money, and you and I have little of either, shopping for one-off vintage finds at Spanish Moss makes sense. With a few clicks you can connect with the beautifully curated collection of amazing ’80s jumpsuits, ’40s kimonos or ’70s caftans as well as their signature range of new clothes – American Gold.

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Wake me up before you YoYo

Zolton Editor

By Zolton in Video on Wednesday 25 August 2010

I remember the devastating thrill when the travelling YoYo crews came to our school back in the day, showing off their ample talents and dividing the kids up into the ‘coulds’ and ‘could nots’ in the process. Well, for the week that followed anyway. Yup, we all went YoYo crazy, mesmerised by the snappy potential […]

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