Michael Jackson, Prince and James Brown on stage together

Sam Octigan Reader Find

By Sam Octigan in Video on Saturday 29 October 2011

There’s a special energy when heavyweights share the stage. Like The Last Waltz, or whenever Danzig did Last Caress with Metallica. This might hold the crown though. James Brown and his band playing with BB King in 83, invites both Michael Jackson on stage, who gets spirits up, and then Prince, who brings the house […]

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Jenny Mortsell: aka Rozzetta, Italo Disco superstar

Ruvan Wijesooriya Reader Find

By Ruvan Wijesooriya in Video on Wednesday 15 June 2011

Jenny Mortsell is a Swedish illustrator who I collaborate with from time to time when she chooses to use my photographs in her own photorealist drawings.

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