Sam Weber

The extensive list of illustrator Sam Weber’s previous clients prove that he’s achieved that elusive combination of inspired originality and broad appeal that most artists strive for their entire lives. These clients range the biggest and best, from the fun to the frivolous and include The New Yorker, Playboy, ESPN and DC Comics. Sam Weber’s artistic creations seem to exist in a peculiar dreamscape where opposing emotions such as dread and hope, fear and joy, strength and weakness co-exist, the definitions between them hazy but their presence unmistakable. An illustration of Bjork that brings out her mystical side, along with capturing a playful twinkle, is one example of this particular skill.

While working in his Brooklyn based studio, Sam Weber sporadically leafs through props for inspiration that include, “Max Ernst collages, one on Yoshitaka Amano, and a big stack of clippings from magazines and the internet.” His favourite emerging artists include: Francis Vellejo, Yoko Furusho and David Jien.