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Day Five of Kellogg’s Cereal Recall

Zolton Editor

By Zolton in New Events on Tuesday 29 June 2010

The mighty Ron English has struck again, with this somewhat biting take on the latest Kellogg’s cereal dramas.

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Good to the last drop

Zolton Editor

By Zolton in New Art on Friday 28 May 2010

The always incendiary pop artist, Ron English, has come up with this typically blunt commentary on the Gulf oil spill disaster.

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Artist Action Figures

Zolton Editor

By Zolton in New Trends on Wednesday 19 May 2010

Mike Leavitt creates interactive sculptures of contemporary artists using polymer clay and mixed media, with hidden features built into some of the figures. We love his model of Lost At E Minor contributor Ron English, and his characterization of the ever mysterious Banksy.

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Guest writers on Lost At E Minor

Zolton Editor

By Zolton in Cool Websites on Saturday 5 December 2009

We’ve been featuring some interesting guest contributors on Lost At E Minor over the past year, including Shepard Fairey, Ron English, Tristan Eaton, Ben Lee, Brendan Canning from Broken Social Scene, designer Deanne Cheuk, artist Sam Weber, singer-songwriter Laura Veirs, and Tegan from Tegan and Sara.

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Art For Obama book

Alison Zavos Contributor

By Alison Zavos in New Products on Tuesday 6 October 2009

Previous Guest Editor of Lost At E Minor, Shepard Fairey, and Jennifer Gross have a fantastic new book out through Abrams entitled, Art For Obama. Featuring artwork from more than a hundred International artists, including fellow Lost At E Minor Guest Editor Ron English [illustration above], Lukas Ketner, Kwaku Alston, Maya Hayuk, and Lisa Anne Auerbach, many of the works were created before the election to raise money for the Obama campaign. Pieces range from fashion to installation, and most refer back to Obama’s likeness. This will be a great book to look back on many years from now. And it’s a guilt free purchase, as all of the authors’ proceeds will be donated to Americans for the Arts charity.

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Pure Evil

Andy Howell Reader Find

By Andy Howell in New Art on Thursday 1 October 2009

In the midst of a neo-contemporary art movement muddled with carbon copy exhibitions and copycat galleries from all over the globe, artists and musicians assemble in a space in East London’s Hoxton district to showcase art, make music, and create whatever the hell they want. This is the essence of multi-faceted artist Pure Evil, descendant of Utopia scribe Sir Thomas More and mastermind behind the gallery, the music, the clothing lines, and the message.

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The Polyphonic Spree

Ron English Reader Find

By Ron English in New Music on Tuesday 16 June 2009

A religious experience tailor made for the soul hardened agnostic hipster scene would be a good way to describe a Polyphonic Spree concert. Tim Delaughter’s unabashed joy is infectious enough to cultivate a Dead Head-esque cult of Jesus-robe-wearing followers, who have, throughout the band’s history, been allowed to join in on the on-stage festivities.

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Kid builds a homemade clock and is arrested when he takes it to school

RB Oakley Reader Find

By RB Oakley in News on Friday 18 September 2015

Genius 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed is such a whizz in his robotics club at school that he made an electric clock at home. But things got a little awkward when he took that homemade clock into school and the alarm went off during class.

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Are you better off learning to code, or learning to speak a new language?

Lost At E Minor Contributor

By Lost At E Minor in Tech on Thursday 6 August 2015

What an epic question this is: to learn to code vs learning a foreign language. Most people are likely to have an immediate opinion one way or the other, but can usually point out the advantages of both. However the steps and advantages to learning how to code and learning a foreign language are more similar than you might think.

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Guidely: The apps that you need for major travel destinations like NYC, Berlin, London – and Sydney!

Tristan Rayner Editor

By Tristan Rayner in Tech on Monday 18 May 2015

In this mobile world, you can arrive at a destination not speaking the language or not knowing a local, and still get the most out of wherever you are – if you know which apps to get. These are the apps that will give you the best bang for your buck during your limited time travelling!

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The work of fearless artist Marina Abramović will be on display at this year’s Dark Mofo festival

Rachel Oakley Contributor

By Rachel Oakley in New Events on Wednesday 13 May 2015

Nicknamed the ‘grandmother of performance art’, Marina Abramović is unlike any other artist in the world today. She has pushed boundaries (and usually broken them), explored relationships to their core, and even allowed the public to harm her – all in the name of art. Now Tasmania is welcoming a new exhibition that explores the artistic wonder that is Abramović.

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What do you think are the internet’s most shared stories?

Kenny Ong Contributor

By Kenny Ong in News on Thursday 2 April 2015

The categories of most-shared articles from the most popular English-language media websites in the world has been revealed, thanks to some serious data crunching by Funders and Founders who collated them from Ahrefs Content Explorer, an outfit who claims responsibility for finding shared content on any topic.

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Four reasons to stay calm when your flight is delayed

Sorrel Kesby Contributor

By Sorrel Kesby in Cool Travel on Thursday 12 March 2015

Every traveller has been made angry or helpless due to a flight delay. At the time you were more than likely tired, hungover, or an unhappy combination of the two, and you may or may not have got out your annoyed voice.

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Everything you wanted to know about plane food but were too afraid to ask

Sorrel Kesby Contributor

By Sorrel Kesby in Cool Travel on Wednesday 11 March 2015

Ever wondered how long that meal you’ve been given on a flight has been sitting in the galley? On a recent tour of the Emirates catering facility in Dubai I unearthed some interesting facts about what they’re doing to try and remove the stigma of ‘plane food’.

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Ever wanted to be part of an international cabin crew? This is how you do it

Sorrel Kesby Contributor

By Sorrel Kesby in Cool Travel on Tuesday 10 March 2015

I had the opportunity to go behind the scenes of the Emirates Cabin Crew training facility in Dubai (yes, you hate me, I get it) and I discovered some pretty interesting facts about the training these ladies and lads have to go through to get you that next bourbon and Coke.

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