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K/LLER Collection: jewelry from Brooklyn

Mareike Muller Contributor

By Mareike Muller in New Fashion on Monday 4 February 2013

Katie deGuzman and Michael Miller met at Parsons in 2000 but it took them 10 years and some frustrating work experiences to start their own business, K/LLER Collection. Now they are tearing apart found materials and objects to create androgynous but still quite feminine jewelry. The characters of HBO’s True Blood wear their broken-down-aesthetic-pieces on the show.

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Awesome street art by Brooklyn-based Australian The Yok

Mareike Muller Contributor

By Mareike Muller in New Art on Tuesday 22 January 2013

Even though The Yok lives in Brooklyn nowadays, we can call his street art Australian, because that’s where he’s originally from: Perth. The loopy characters with the awesome staches and beards do not only look good on walls, but also on canvas, as paintings and illustrations. His potato headed gargoyles have been exhibited around the world, from Berlin to Taipei, and his success doesn’t seem to stagnate. So if you love surfing like The Yok does, keep your eyes open for an original artwork close to your local beach, too.

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Urban swag from the new Brooklyn Nets

Alvin Epps Reader Find

By Alvin Epps in New Fashion on Wednesday 12 December 2012

As the NBA season is now underway, I can’t help but be intrigued by the simple yet stylish attire of the now Brooklyn Nets. I like the urban and iconic appeal of its overall look and the extra “umpgh”credibility that Brooklyn brings as a city. Yes, I’m buying this hat.

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Anew: a group photo exhibition in DUMBO, Brooklyn

Alison Zavos Contributor

By Alison Zavos in New Events on Wednesday 5 December 2012

I am thrilled to have teamed up with United Photo Industries to curate Anew, a group exhibition featuring nine photographers who unearth beauty in the seemingly irrelevant, everyday objects that most people disregard, revealing that unnoticed and banal items can sometimes be quite magical. [see more photos at Feature Shoot]

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Brooklyn band Life in a Blender

Ben Jensen Reader Find

By Ben Jensen in New Music on Wednesday 5 December 2012

Singer Don Rauf and his longtime Brooklyn-based band, Life in a Blender have clever lyrics with rockin’ melodies. Catchy tunes with wit and winks.

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New music by Brooklyn-based band Diiv

Brett Williams Reader Find

By Brett Williams in New Music on Tuesday 27 November 2012

When I think of Diiv (Dive), I think of their music being like words running off the tongue. The Brooklyn band has an incredible rambling guitar energy, like a smooth rollercoaster ride. Hard to describe but completely captivating and full of atmosphere. You’ll find your senses trying to keep up with their incredible sound.

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New music by Brooklyn indie rock band DIIV

Darwin Cosico Contributor

By Darwin Cosico in New Music on Wednesday 7 November 2012

DIIV is an indie rock band from Brooklyn. It started as a solo project by Beach Fossils’ guitarist Zachary Cole Smith. They released their massively successful debut album four months ago, and have been on tour ever since. They were one of the highlights of last month’s CMJ 2012 showcase at CMJ Union. These guys know […]

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New art by Brooklyn-based Josh Gurrie

Travis Garone Reader Find

By Travis Garone in New Art on Tuesday 6 November 2012

I always find something interesting when Josh Gurrie has his dirty mitts all over it. Gurrie is an artist/interesting mind living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, who I had the pleasure of working with here in Australia. A creepy mind that drives pencil, paint and anything close by to create loose perfection. He’s legit, humble and still doing it.

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From the LAEM Store: Brooklyn Candle Company

Alison Shepard Contributor

By Alison Shepard in New Products on Wednesday 19 September 2012

A collaboration between a perfumer and two designers in Brooklyn NY, Brooklyn Candle Company creates obsessively perfected blends to evoke a mood, a location, and a getaway. Plus, the packaging on these long lasting soy candles is just sexy. Assorted varieties from Brooklyn Candle Company are now being featured in the Lost At E Minor store.

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New music by Brooklyn quintet: Friends

Mareike Muller Contributor

By Mareike Muller in New Music on Friday 7 September 2012

What a name for a quintet from Brooklyn: Friends. But thank god the music isn’t 90’s inspired. Instead you get some funky bass lines and percussion sounds from this often called ‘retro hipster band’ whose first album is called Manifest! 

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Glasslands Gallery: an art gallery and party venue in Brooklyn

Caitlin Sullivan Reader Find

By Caitlin Sullivan in New Art on Wednesday 5 September 2012

Brooklyn’s appeal is fairly well represented by Glasslands Gallery. A dingy side street of in-progress factories-turned-lofts holds this venue by night, and a gallery always. With a fluffy pink cloud awning protruding over the stage, and a balcony built from trees and bike parts, its scenery alone sets it apart. Depending on the night, anything […]

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Brilliant new video for Brooklyn band MS MR

Scott Tulay Reader Find

By Scott Tulay in Video on Wednesday 8 August 2012

I love this full-on bombardment of visual images in a video for Hurricane from this terrific band out of Brooklyn called MS MR. This single is now on iTunes, but I assume the band gets more profits from sales through their own Bandcamp site.

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Raucous music by Brooklyn band The Men

A Place To Bury Strangers Reader Find

By A Place To Bury Strangers in New Music on Friday 22 June 2012

These guys are from Brooklyn. On one of their songs they appropriate some Spacemen 3 lyrics and throw it over their own dirty groove. We saw them at St Vitus recently. They play there a lot. Kind of sloppy, kind of cool. From what I hear, these guys are very prolific and make shit happen themselves, honest and not […]

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Jeff Berner: a sound grows in Brooklyn

Melissa Murray Reader Find

By Melissa Murray in New Music on Wednesday 30 May 2012

You may know Jeff Berner as the enigmatic guitarist from Psychic TV, recently gracing the stages at SXSW and the Adelaide Festival. But did you also know he’s a Producer/Engineer at GaluminumFoil Studios in Bushwick, Brooklyn? Berner has recently worked on the latest records by Naam, Heliotropes, Dead Stars, La Otracina, and Psychic TV. You’re next!

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Skulls Barcelona: Brooklyn streetwear brand

Mega Reader Find

By Mega in New Fashion on Tuesday 29 May 2012

Skulls is an independent streetwear brand created by the Barcelona native, Ivan Jimenez. Ivan is an ex-professional skateboard photographer and an ex-Nike SB brand manager. Good foundations for the Brooklyn-based brand that offers creative products. Skulls hats are handmade in the US to support local economies and ensure the best quality.

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