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Skateistan: Combining skateboards with education in Afghanistan

Rachel Oakley Contributor

By Rachel Oakley in Cool Travel on Sunday 2 February 2014

Using skateboards as a ‘tool for empowering youth,’ Skateistan is not your ordinary non-profit program in Afghanistan. For starters, Skateistan works with kids aged 5 to 18, focusing especially on girls and working children to give them better opportunities in education, leadership and friendship.

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Ethioskate project builds the first skate park in Ethiopian history

Caitlin Sullivan Reader Find

By Caitlin Sullivan in Cool Travel on Thursday 3 October 2013

In Ethiopia, the Ethioskate project is using skateboarding as a tool for motivating young boys and girls aged six to nineteen in a rough community. The project inspires the local kids to be whatever they dream of becoming, using skateboarding to focus them away from the draw of drugs and crime in Addis Ababa’s Intoto […]

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Dusters California x The Doors Skateboard collaboration

Didu Losso Contributor

By Didu Losso in New Design on Wednesday 7 August 2013

The 1967 debut of The Doors changed much more than the popular music scene. The genre-defying band and its music helped transform youth lifestyle and usher in the rebellious counterculture that came to define the late ’60s.

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Lives and Levels: an independent skate company

Ben Ashton-Bell Reader Find

By Ben Ashton-Bell in Cool Websites on Wednesday 13 March 2013

Lives and Levels is my independent skate company based in Sheffield, England, passionate about skateboarding, great design, and quality products. The name Lives and Levels comes from when my brother and I were kids and we’d play video games – mostly Mega Drive back then. We’d take it in turns based on lives and levels […]

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Thom: A Portrait of Modern Youth in Australia

Cormack O'Connor Contributor

By Cormack O'Connor in New Film on Tuesday 29 January 2013

‘Success is striking a balance between art and commerce’. This is the line that starts Riley Blakeway’s debut film, Thom: A Portrait of Modern Youth, a fitting line considering the subject matter. Thom is a teenager from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, who works as a concreter and enjoys surfing and skateboarding. For Thom (and […]

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Blood of the Young: a photo zine out of Canada

The Heavy Collective Reader Find

By The Heavy Collective in New Photography on Saturday 22 December 2012

Blood of The Young is a contemporary photography site and independent publishing house based in Toronto, Canada. Straight up bad boys with a heavy focus on skateboarding, graffiti and handmade goods. They feature and collaborate with artists like Ed Templeton, Alana Paterson and Dan Wilton.

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The Bones Brigade: Skater angst documented from the 80s

Angela Datre Reader Find

By Angela Datre in New Film on Thursday 6 December 2012

Skateboarder and documentary filmmaker Stacey Peralta’s new film tells the story of The Bones Brigade, the 1980s skate team he created. The team featured a young Tony Hawk, along with other legends like Steve Caballero and Rodney Mullen, and went on to change the way people looked at skateboarding forever.

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New photography by Liam Dobbin

Liam Dobbin Reader Find

By Liam Dobbin in New Photography on Wednesday 24 October 2012

is inspired by the photography of Ryan Mcginley, Nan Goldin, Alex Prager and William Eggleston. I spend my time collecting zines from other photographers I admire. Photography found me when I was skateboarding and met a bunch of creative individuals in high school who had similar interests and showed me a film camera one day. I was immediately hooked on that. I still prefer film over digital but it gets really pricey.

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Hugh Holland’s iconic skateboard photography

Matt from The Invincible Summer Reader Find

By Matt from The Invincible Summer in New Photography on Wednesday 24 October 2012

Before street skating took off in America’s east coast, the mecca of skateboarding was Southern California. Starting in 1975, a young photographer named Hugh Holland captured what is now possibly the greatest collection of images of that era, featuring empty swimming pools used as skate bowls, the Venice and Huntington Beach boulevards, and suburban streets – all set against the Southern Californian sun.

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Skateboard photography by Heverton Ribeiro

Didu Losso Contributor

By Didu Losso in New Photography on Tuesday 9 October 2012

Skateboard photography is not an easy art. First of all, it’s essential to know a lot about the subject. Only then can one elect the perfect fraction of a second on a trick that deserves to be shown to millions of skateboarding fanatics. Heverton Ribeiro lives between California and Brazil, photographing the world’s most respected skaters, such as Bob Burnquist, Christian Hosoi, Rodrigo TX, Rob Gonzales, Danny Way, Eric Koston, and Daewon Song, among others. There is a very long distance between being one of the rest and one of the best.

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Kilian Martin: Altered Route

Jessica Lawton Reader Find

By Jessica Lawton in Video on Wednesday 15 August 2012

Skateboarding hero Kilian Martin is simply killin’ it in his new skate video, Kilian Martin: Altered Route.

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London-based skateboard company: Palace

Patrick Louwerse Reader Find

By Patrick Louwerse in New Design on Thursday 21 June 2012

Hailing from London, this young skateboarding company has been making name for itself over the past two years. With an aesthetic that is a homage to the 90s, Palace is backed by some of the greats, such as Slam City Skates, Supreme and The Hideout.

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Live Video Talk: Ken Robinson discusses Passions

Jeff Yiu Reader Find

By Jeff Yiu in Video on Saturday 26 May 2012

I had stumbled across this video from a brain pickings article and had also recently read The Element by Ken Robinson. He is a really interesting character. I first heard of his talks on TED a few years ago and his ideas had always stuck with me. I recognize the spirit he wanted to promote […]

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Radlands Clothing

Keith Greiman Reader Find

By Keith Greiman in New Fashion on Friday 18 May 2012

If you are looking for something hip to wear next time you drop your peyote tab and head into the desert, then Radlands has you covered. Their fine apparel is as much for the rap listening shaman as it is for the skateboarding Jim Morrison type. Turn on, tune in, look stylish.

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Hockern: the new German sport of Extreme Sitting

Nini Baseema Contributor

By Nini Baseema in New Trends on Tuesday 31 January 2012

Breakdance and skateboarding are from yesteryear: Hockern is the new trend sport on the streets these days. The origins of Hockern can be traced back to the German coast city of Kiel, where people with too much time on their hands and not much interest in breaking their bones invented a few tricks that have […]

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