Mark Ryden

Taking inspiration from children’s fables, Californian painter Mark Ryden spins these characters and landscapes into ornately detailed, flawless and wonderfully disturbing images. His pieces evoke childhood memories, then through a meshing together of different subject matter plays in the viewer’s subconscious, twisting what is remembered in new and disquieting directions. Serene, almost childlike characters are mixed with elements such as crosses, bloody chunks of meat, trains sets and beautiful clothing.

The surrealist artworks of Mark Ryden first come to prominence during the 1990s at a time when paintings were making a comeback in the USA. He’s inspired by past masters such as Bosch, Bruegel and Ingres and a highly developed level of craft is obvious in his work, which has been exhibited worldwide. Similar artists include: Chris Buzelli, David Chung and Trenton Doyle Hancock.