Lenka Kripac

lenka kripac

‘The Show’ was one of the catchiest songs of 2008, and its bouncy, infectious rhymes about the joys of showbiz made it a favourite of TV shows including Ugly Betty. Supporting that frustrating but magical notion that some of the best songs just happen, singer-songwriter Lenka Kripac explained that the hit was written in an hour and a half with fellow songwriter Jason Reeves and it, ‘Hasn’t changed at all since that day’.

Since then the Australian born, Los Angeles singer, formerly of Australian group Decoder Ring, has been gigging around the US and the television tie-ins haven’t stopped, with her song ‘Follow’ being place in Courtney Cox’s show ‘Dirt’. Musicians are often asked their influences, but even better than that you can check out a playlist put together by Lenka Kripac following the below link, and if you enjoy her music, other acts you might like are: Goldfrapp, The Grates, Sia.